When did you have your “I’m a Runner” moment?

Mine was mile 10 of my first Half Marathon the “Rock ‘n’ Roll” Half Marathon in New Orleans. I was feeling strong and had that “I can do this” momentum going strong. I even had that brief moment during the race when I thought “Hmm. maybe I can switch and run the FULL??!!” OK, I chalk that up to temporary insanity & endorphin’s..lol.. But seriously I finished my first Half at 2hr:18min on 2/13/11 on a serious runner’s high. I ran this one with my friend Laurie whom I had heard about this race from at the gym a few months prior. Going into this I had never ran outside & just a few miles on the treadmill but something about running a Half Marathon intrigued me. We started training 3 months prior to the race. For additional preparation we signed up for our 1st run so we could learn about race etiquette before our big race coming up.  We choose the Mardi Gras Mambo 10k in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2/5/11. It was a chilly morning but it was a great course and I finished in 1hr:2min 10:02pace- (My 1st 10k & group/timed run!). I felt more prepared going into my first Half by doing this race.

What I liked about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans: Organized well from the expo to baggage check, great bibs , Tech finisher tees, great scenery, comfortable cool weather, New Orleans style finisher necklace, runner & spectator costumes, crowd support is PHENOMENAL for the Half!! including creative support signs & chalk writing in the street. LOVE IT! Keeps you motivated! Plus the Finish Fest has merchandise and lots of food & drinks. (bring extra money stashed in your race gear)

What could improve: During the race you have to watch your step!!!. Lots of road dangers. I almost busted my butt several times, Very crowded at the beginning, Of course you have your slow people who really should be farther back and some that need to learn race etiquette but that’s with most races, I would definitely put the streets of New Orleans as #1 on my con list, I hear there is not a lot of race support on the 2nd half of the course for people doing the Full. One last con is the shuttle service is very crowded upon leaving. I am tempted one day for this race to be my 1st & maybe only Full. If I do so I’d probably need a backpack of supplies to get me through it.

I started running as a way to maintain my weight loss and as a new challenge. Surprisingly it has given me so much more than that….In which I will be sharing in posts to come…By the way I ran this race again in 2012 (3/4/12-Finished in 2hr:7min-My 4th half. I would be running it again in 2013 but it happens to fall on 2/24/13 which is the day I will be running my 7th. The Disney Princess Half Marathon!! Yes, I am hooked)

You dont have to be an athlete to be a runner. Just go out there and enjoy!

Picture courtesy of NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

15k of your closest friends!!

Picture courtesy of NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

My 1st bling!!

My 1st bling!!


4 thoughts on “When did you have your “I’m a Runner” moment?

  1. I love stories about first races! My first half was also the RnR half in 2011, although I think my first “I’m a runner” moment came somewhere in college when I had picked up running after swimming was cut at Tulane. I would run a loop to the Fly (MS River) from campus, which is just short of 5 miles, and there was always this high of accomplishment after I did that.

    Some good news for RnR runners this year (and CCC runners, too): many of the streets, such as Esplanade Ave, have been repaved. Of course you’ll need to watch your step, like you would in any race, but it’s a lot better out there than in years past.

    • That’s fantastic to hear about the repaving!!Thanks for the tip Katherine.
      I am especially happy to hear that since I will be running Crescent City Classic 10k this year.
      I ran it in 2011 but skipped in 2012. I am really looking forward to it & hope to see you there.
      It should be a great race since its the 35th Anniversary.

  2. Love it Nicole! Rock ‘n’ Roll Nola is a great race! It was my first full last year…and yes the crowd support died the second half of the full. And most of the bands were “taking a break.” So it got pretty boring out there. But the half is awesome! I did the half in 2011 and am doing it again this year since I waited too long to sign up for Princess and it sold out. You will LOVE Princess!!!!

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