My heart…

Before I go into any more of my race recaps and runner highlights it may be a good idea to tell you a bit more about a big part of my motivation.

One word  “motherhood”.

Growing up I didn’t have the best childhood (not the worst by any means) but not the best. I especially didn’t have a healthy relationship with my mother or food. Food was my crutch. Always there for me when I was sad or bored. There was always a box of Little Debbie snack cakes around to help satisfy. My mom treated me like I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough. I knew one day I would be a mom and I would not treat my child like that. Luckily I was blessed with my daughter Alaina. Currently at age 13 she is more creative, self-confident, smarter and funnier than I ever was.

In the winter of 2011 I invited Alaina to come run the local Girls on the Run 5K with me. During the race she struggled, got side cramps and swore that she would never do it again but when she got her Finisher necklace she was hooked! Last month she completed her 8th 5k race at the Louisiana Cypress 5k and the first thing she asked me after she crossed the finish line was if she PR’d (she did !). Last year we volunteered at a local kids Triathlon for ages 3-8. We were both so inspired by the kids gusto we did our own the very next month.

My job as a mom is to be good role model for my daughter and encourage her that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind too. Having local groups around like “Girls on the Run” and “Rocketchix” is encouraging because that is exactly what they are all about. I will touch more on these groups and the Triathlon’s we accomplished in future posts but I just wanted to share this with you.

My cup runneth over..


The Color Run New Orleans – November 2012


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