What’s your Motivation?


As my alarm went off at 4:10am this morning I thought “ok, What is going to get me out of this warm bed so I can go hit the treadmill for 3 miles before work?”
An upcoming summer trip came to my mind as well as the Half Marathon I have coming up in 18 days.
Then I thought “I can do this”. It’s just one extra hour early and this evening I can enjoy with my family. So up and out I went.

What gets you up and going?

4 thoughts on “What’s your Motivation?

  1. I hear you! It is so, so hard to get out of be early in the morning! My bed is so warm..it’s so dark outside..it’s cold outside my bed..I’m so tired..My motivation to get out of bed is that I need to train for my first 5K ever. I’m already signed up and paid in full so there’s no backing out! I HAVE to show up and run a 5K. Knowing that I can’t weasel out, knowing that I’m so out of shape and really, really need to start training, is what eventually pulls me out of bed!

    • Signing up is half the battle “Your Commited”!! You have a goal..
      Stepping up to that Start Line I actually get more butterflies than Finishing!! LOL!!! Good luck on your 5k training I’m sure you will do great!!!!

  2. Mine is to not undo all of the progress I’ve made. I’ve had that debate when the clock alarms at 4:20. Sometimes I win and get up and sometimes my body wins and I go back to sleep. It is a constant struggle/battle.

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