TRI season is upon us…

Last June I received a free entry from a #RunLA Twitter chat hosted by sponsored by to their July 28th Rocketchix II Triathlon. The course would consist of a 350 meter swim in LSU’s pool, a 12 mile out and back bike ride along River Rd. and a 2 mile run through part of LSU’s campus.
Their motto is “We believe there is a TRIathlete in every woman” and they truly do. This group was one of the most supportive environments I had ever encountered. They believe there is an inner athlete in everyone and most importantly they make YOU believe it.
This was definitely outside my comfort zone. With only a month to prepare I had to start swimming lessons (I only knew how to doggie paddle) and I had to borrow a bike. Fortunately Rocketchix offered swim and bike clinics. They even had a Transition 101 clinic to show you how to setup your transition area, which would be essential to save you a few minutes between swim and bike then bike to run.
I had first heard about this group last June by volunteering at a Rocketkidz Rookies Triathlon for kids 3-10. Trust me when I tell you these kids on their tricycles were one of the cutest things I had ever seen! My daughter Alaina also came along to volunteer and after our shift was done she immediately asked where to sign up for her own age group Triathlon event. Turns out there would be one coming up in July. Her group would be the Saturn group since she was 12 years old. Her course would be a 200 meter swim, 4 mile bike and a 1.2 mile run.
When I won the entry I found out it would be a day before my daughters TRI. At first she felt like I was stealing her thunder. Then she thought about it and said this could really be a fun weekend. We can be each other’s race support and that’s exactly what we did. After a month of training we both put forth our best effort and had one of the most inspiring, challenging weekends ever!
Don’t be afraid to “TRI” something new!

Why do you TRI?

Why do you TRI?

Go Alaina!! #ProudMom

Go Alaina!! #ProudMom

I had the BEST race support ever!

I had the BEST race support ever!


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