Challenges ahead….

So as you may know my daughter has joined me in my running quest during the past two years. It has become some really great mother-daughter time. In fact she just did her 1st 10k and loved it. On the way home that day she asks ”When is the next one?” Boy, we had no idea of what was ahead….
About a week later I took her to get X-rays for her Idiopathic Scoliosis update. Last year she was at 10-14% on her S curve but unfortunately 12 months later she is up to 23%. This means back brace time. If it gets to 40% she will need surgery which must be avoided if at all possible. Since she is 13 years old she still has some growing to do so she must get into a brace (that she has to wear 23 hours a day) as soon as possible. Last Friday afternoon I took her to the Orthopedic clinic to get measured and we had a huge scare when we were told she would not be able to run, do P.E, Yoga or dance for the 2 years minimum she would be in the brace. WHAAAAT??!!! That whole weekend when I was around my daughter I tried to be positive. I told her that this is just a temporary setback but inside I was a wreck. You take an active, young girl with great self-esteem and tell her she has to dress differently due to the brace she will be wearing under her clothes (no skinny jeans, no thin tops) and most of her physical activities including simple things like Xbox Kinect she can’t do until she is 16-17!! What is she to think?! First thing Monday I called the Specialist to see what the deal was and found out he intends to “modify” the custom brace after it is made so she can continue to be active. Thank goodness!! I let out a huge sigh of relief. We still don’t know the full impact or restrictions the brace will entail but there is hope that she can continue to be active. Our next race together is the “Run Forrest Run 5k Run/Walk” in New Orleans 4/28/13. This may be her last race before she gets her back brace.
Her first race ‘with’ the brace will be the “Superhero 5k Run/Walk” in Zachary on 5/11/13. I told her just walk or jog anything you can do as long as your out there its all good! A friend and I are going to make her a SuperGirl costume! But of course, who else would she be?



5 thoughts on “Challenges ahead….

  1. Your daughter is lucky to have a strong positive role model like you. I hope she has good friends who will help her through the tough times, too. Either way, she will make it through and she will be fine, and I’m looking forward to updates about how she’s doing (and hopefully running!).

  2. I second that Katherine. She has a great mother, role model and friend. It is the best support system she could ask for. She has many years ahead of her, this is just a bump in the road that she will have to push herself over. In the end it will I think the struggle will make her stronger and give her more motivation towards her goals!

  3. ((Hugs)) I’m glad to hear they will be able to modify the brace for activity. You are an awesome mom…there WILL be a light at the end of the tunnel soon. Praying for y’all!!

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