Recognizing when you are in a slump and pushing yourself out of it….

Not sure if it’s the change in season going into summer…..
The stress that my pants are a tad snug and I have a trip coming up in 15 days and counting….
Challenges of life that we all encounter from time to time…..

I recently registered for two more Half Marathons (Louisiana Half 1-19-14 and New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Half 2-2-14) They are within TWO WEEKS of each other!! (EEK!) I have yet to commit to any fall races or even any trail runs for the summer as of yet. I do feel some personal disappointment within myself that I didn’t go for the FULL but Half’s are a good race distance for me and honestly I am not at a point that I can commit to the time required to train for a full plus my cranky IT band is still giving me fits.

Normally I would tell someone else that needs additional motivation to get some new running clothes or change up their playlist. Anything to “freshen it up” a bit but I have everything I need and then some. We as women put so much pressure on ourselves to keep pushing forward and motivating others when they are down that sometimes we don’t realize that sometimes we just need a “breather”. Take the time to step back and recharge. It has been about a month since my last race and there is a trail run coming up on June 2nd that I would like to sign up for but it’s a couple hours away. I am hoping I can find a group going that I can ride with. I do feel that this race would be good for me. Since it’s a trail run I would go into it not as a PR race but one to enjoy the scenery. A good change of pace race (pun intended).

Sometimes you just have to let go of your personal anxiety and tell yourself it’s going to be ok.
Release that tightness in your chest, close your eyes, take a deep breath and BREATHE!!
Do you ever have the slumps? What has gotten you through?

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4 thoughts on “Recognizing when you are in a slump and pushing yourself out of it….

  1. Your words, “We as women put so much pressure on ourselves” say it all. Your worries about how your pants fit, what distances you choose to race or not, your commitments for fall races—they’re all yours. Stop putting pressure on yourself and enjoy the ride! Own your journey. You are such a positive person and I think what you’re feeling is temporary. In the past when I’ve been in a slump, I’ve taken time off to just let it pass. Nothing wrong with that.

  2. Stop beating yourself up! Everyone around you sees you as a beauty and your reflection in the mirror is something totally different. Don’t compare yourself to others, just be Nicole. Enjoy your life, your food, your exercise and all you have accomplished!! Take a long look at all those medals!

    Once I realized that I just did not enjoy running and embraced what I do enjoy, I actually look forward to walking. It’s my time to escape for the day and energize. I look forward to events now instead of the dread in the pit of my stomach. I have also accepted that I will never look like a Barbie or be the size I was when I was 18…….nature has taken it’s course and it’s time to enjoy life. Take a look at your list of accomplishments and BE PROUD…..start running just for fun! I know from experience when I was trying to be “elite” or what I thought was elite, I berated myself when I didn’t measure up to that expectation. Trust me when I tell you that finishing is EVERYTHING 🙂 and doing your best is all anyone expects from you. Just remember our best changes from day to day….but you know you have done what you can in that moment.


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