Duathlon training begins…

Saturday morning I got on a fat tire bike for the first time in a year immediately after going for a 4 mile run. My legs were a bit wobbly but I got a few miles in on the bike and then ran for 1 mile. I felt pretty confident about my brick until the next day when I decided to go for a longer bike ride. I turned on my Endomondo app so I could figure out my bike speed and compare it against my speed from last year’s bike I borrowed. I went for ten miles. (Ten TOUGH rolling hill miles!!) My speed was NOT where it should be even for a fat tire bike (10.9,11.3,11.7,10.5,10.8 mile times in mph) last year per my Endomondo app I was at (11.5,12.8,13.1,12.5,13.5 mph) What was the deal? Were these tires larger than last years? Were the rolling hills that tough? Yes, I did struggle but my legs are strong. After that 10 mile ride I attempted to go for a short run but my legs were NOT having any part of that. No brick today they were DONE!!! Feeling discouraged I went home and decided to rest. I’d make arrangements to bring the bike to my house so I could start practicing during the week and work on my speed/brick training. If you have any Duathlon tips please pass them on. Here are a few that I saw online:

•You don’t have to have a ‘flash’ racing bike to enter the Duathlon. Use whatever you have or can borrow. Have your bike checked by a cycle shop to ensure it is in a good and safe working order
•Look at the course map ahead of time.
•Make sure you have practiced over the distance.
•Practice getting on and off your bike in a safe environment
•Ease off your training the week before the race to approximately 50% of your normal training. Don’t take the week off just shorten and sharpen up your sessions. Do lots of stretching and keep up your fluids and have lots of rest.
•Make a list of all the equipment you will need on race day and pack it the day before. Lay out your gear the night before so you are not rushing to get it ready on race morning. (Freeze a water bottle if it will be a hot day)
•Have a good sleep 2 nights prior to the Duathlon. This will ensure you still feel good if you are nervous or sleepless the night before.
•Eat a good meal at lunch-time the day before to top up your carbohydrate stores, have a good dinner but nothing too heavy and eat a breakfast you are used to on race day. Something you would normally eat before you train.
•Go through the transition area before the race and know where the entries and exits are for the bike and run. If you are not sure, ask before the race begins
•Use a colorful towel to mark your area and a ribbon for your bike rack (if allowed)
•Don’t forget your bib number for the entire race (run-bike-run) make sure # visible.
•Don’t go out too fast
•Stay calm during your transitions. Getting flustered won’t make transitions quicker. Sometimes gear gets moved and knocked or. If you stay calm you are much more likely to find it and have a smooth transition. (A good transition takes a lot of practice and time to master. The more events you do the better you will get. )
•Have fun during your first events and gain the experience.
•Only take your bike off the rack once your helmet is fastened.
•Maintain a safe and legal space between other competitors – no drafting.
•Take the corners carefully and keep your inside peddle up (away from the ground) as you go around the corner. Accelerate as you come out of the corner to maintain your pace.
•When approaching the finish of the cycle, slow down ready to dismount at the dismount line. Put your bike in a low gear and spin your pedals quickly for the last few minutes of the cycling leg to help minimize the sensation of rubbery legs. Keep your helmet fastened until your bike is racked back where you began.
•Do a few short fast steps to get the legs going, this may take a few minutes.
•You are now on the third and final leg and just have to maintain a nice steady pace to the finish.
•If it is a hot day run in the shaded spots and drink some water.
•Keep your stride and breathing steady. Walk if you need to.
•Finally you see the finish line steadily you can pick up your speed if you are feeling good or just maintain it if not.
•Celebrate and congratulate yourself and your friends.
•You usually feel great at this stage and forget to stretch, cool down and re fuel.
•It is very important to replenish your body with fluids and carbohydrates which will absorb quickly.
•Cool down and stretch is very important to ensure you can walk comfortably the next day


Surprise! My 1st Duathlon will be in 36days!

See this smile? This will be me again on 7-27-13!!


If you recall from my post in April I did my first TRI last July at Rocketchix.
Well this year they have added a Duathlon to the July Event!
Woohoo!!! Happy Girl!! Not that I necessarily didn’t want to get back in the water but finding time to train would be extremely difficult right now. So a 2 mile run / 12 mile bike / 2 mile run for the inaugural Rocketchix Duathlon sounds perfect for me.
Sign up has been low from what I can tell but that’s ok. I would like to dip my pinkie toe into this challenge so I can look into doing future Duathlons or relay options.
Along with motivation from friends one of which has a spare fat tire bike that I can train on and use for the race I am excited to move past this race slump that I have been on.
It really helps to have a race or a goal to look forward too to keep you motivated.
This is exactly what I need right now!

Join me !! http://www.rocketchix.com/

I am back!

Batteries recharged!
I had a great vacation. Went snorkeling, climbed Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, road a coaster in Haiti and much more. Ate, drank and indulged. I did go to the ships fitness center three times so I did get some miles in. I didn’t want my legs to go dormant lol! Hubby even came and worked out with me which was a first!!!
Fitness Center

It has been quite hot out. Last night at 7pm it was 90 degrees with a 97 degree “feels like” temp.
It was time for my daughter to have her one hour out of her Scoliosis brace so I asked her if she wanted to go for a jog. It was the best 2 miles of my day! We even did a couple stop sign sprints and she blew right past me! I asked her if she would be interested in doing short distance track in High School. Her response: “but there’s no race bling” lol!! My little mini-me! I missed her while I was gone.

I am still not feeling my race mojo back 100% especially since my last race was a bust with the storm.
I must find something to sign up for in the next few weeks. It always helps to have a goal to keep you motivated and your training going strong.

Time to unplug & recharge! On vacation til June 17th!

If you have a planned race coming up GOOD LUCK!
I know I have a few friends running the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon & 10K this weekend in Irving, TX.
Fantastic Cause. I hope I get to run this one day. HYDRATE!!!
I will be bringing my running shoes on my vacation but I will have extremely limited access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. while I am gone. Probably a much needed break to unplug for a bit.

on vacation

I am already thinking what races I will be doing when I return.
Time to go recharge my batteries and come back STRONGER!!

Cya Soon!

Dealing with race disappointment

Well it was supposed to have been my 1st Q50 ultra trailrace and my farthest.
I woke up early Sunday morning to news from my husband that Bogue Chitto may be a wash out due to some nastiness on the weather radar. NOT what I wanted to hear but my friends and I left for our hour and a half drive in hopes it would miss the park.

Along the way I get this photo by text and soon after a bad rain band nails us hard.
Bogue Chitto .jpg
As a group we called it to head back. Shortly after when it’s too late to turn around and make it to the race in time I see on Facebook that the park didn’t get hit hard. Actually the rain had stopped right before the race start and the trail was a little muddy but not nearly as bad expected.
Had we only pushed on. We had missed out. Disappointment sinks in…
Has this ever happened to you?

Discouraged but positive there will be more race days ahead..