Dealing with race disappointment

Well it was supposed to have been my 1st Q50 ultra trailrace and my farthest.
I woke up early Sunday morning to news from my husband that Bogue Chitto may be a wash out due to some nastiness on the weather radar. NOT what I wanted to hear but my friends and I left for our hour and a half drive in hopes it would miss the park.

Along the way I get this photo by text and soon after a bad rain band nails us hard.
Bogue Chitto .jpg
As a group we called it to head back. Shortly after when it’s too late to turn around and make it to the race in time I see on Facebook that the park didn’t get hit hard. Actually the rain had stopped right before the race start and the trail was a little muddy but not nearly as bad expected.
Had we only pushed on. We had missed out. Disappointment sinks in…
Has this ever happened to you?

Discouraged but positive there will be more race days ahead..


5 thoughts on “Dealing with race disappointment

  1. Oh girl, that must have been a terrible feeling. But, at the same time, storms can get dangerous so fast! I had my race disappointment back in April, and quickly decided to sign up for 2 more races this year to make up for it. My advice: take some time to be upset, but quickly set your sights on what’s next!

  2. Ugh that’s so disappointing! Sorry it happened, but I try to remind myself…there’s always a reason. You’ll get the next one, no worries!! :0)

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