I am back!

Batteries recharged!
I had a great vacation. Went snorkeling, climbed Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, road a coaster in Haiti and much more. Ate, drank and indulged. I did go to the ships fitness center three times so I did get some miles in. I didn’t want my legs to go dormant lol! Hubby even came and worked out with me which was a first!!!
Fitness Center

It has been quite hot out. Last night at 7pm it was 90 degrees with a 97 degree “feels like” temp.
It was time for my daughter to have her one hour out of her Scoliosis brace so I asked her if she wanted to go for a jog. It was the best 2 miles of my day! We even did a couple stop sign sprints and she blew right past me! I asked her if she would be interested in doing short distance track in High School. Her response: “but there’s no race bling” lol!! My little mini-me! I missed her while I was gone.

I am still not feeling my race mojo back 100% especially since my last race was a bust with the storm.
I must find something to sign up for in the next few weeks. It always helps to have a goal to keep you motivated and your training going strong.


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