Surprise! My 1st Duathlon will be in 36days!

See this smile? This will be me again on 7-27-13!!


If you recall from my post in April I did my first TRI last July at Rocketchix.
Well this year they have added a Duathlon to the July Event!
Woohoo!!! Happy Girl!! Not that I necessarily didn’t want to get back in the water but finding time to train would be extremely difficult right now. So a 2 mile run / 12 mile bike / 2 mile run for the inaugural Rocketchix Duathlon sounds perfect for me.
Sign up has been low from what I can tell but that’s ok. I would like to dip my pinkie toe into this challenge so I can look into doing future Duathlons or relay options.
Along with motivation from friends one of which has a spare fat tire bike that I can train on and use for the race I am excited to move past this race slump that I have been on.
It really helps to have a race or a goal to look forward too to keep you motivated.
This is exactly what I need right now!

Join me !!


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