and with that I completed my 1st Duathlon!

Saturday morning I woke up feeling good. My pre-race checklist was completed. I had trained. I was ready. The weather was muggy and a high chance of rain was looking likely. Over 400 anxious women were ready to put Rocketchix II 2013 in the books. It was overcast at the 7:15am start but the clouds stopped sprinkling as the race clock started. There were two events today. The 1st ever Duathlon for those non-swimmers (like myself) with a distance of 2mile run/12mile bike/2 mile run and a Triathlon of 350m swim/12 mile bike/2 mile run. I had done the Triathlon last year (my 1st & probably only) and I was so glad they added the Duathlon option this July since it was a race I had been wanting to try. We were off for our run and I held a steady pace not to exhaust myself early.

Heading to the 1st transition for the bike portion

Heading to the 1st transition after my 1st run for the bike portion. (I am in the green top)

I was lucky that I scored a great spot in transition and checked where to run in and out before the race to try not to lose any time. The bike portion of this course was a bit unnerving at certain sections. I thought I was going to wipe out due to the uneven surface and rocks. I thought to myself how do the people with the skinny tires do this? I pushed on and tried to pass as many fat tire & skinny tire racers as possible since I wasn’t sure how my pace would be for the final run.
Heading out of transition for my final run

Heading out of transition for my final run

2 more miles to go. I got this! I was able to hold a steady pace and surprisingly my legs didn’t have the brick feeling that I felt during training. I think I was full of race excitement. I seemed to have a good lead as I finished with a time of 1hr:26min:01 sec.
I took my finisher pic even though I was a sweaty hot mess and later found my friend so we could go freshen up while we waited on our race results.
Success!!! I placed 1st in my age group & 3rd overall in the Fat Tire division.
My 12mi bike time was 47:55 with an average speed of 14.1mph. My average run pace was 9:06. I’ll take it!
With the Triathlon and now the Duathlon behind me I truly felt like a Rocketchix!

With the Triathlon and now the Duathlon behind me I truly felt like a Rocketchix!

Pros and Cons about the race:
Well organized from packet pickup to the finish. However I was a little disappointed the race shirt only said Triathlon on it and not Duathlon. Had I not done the Triathlon last year (and the shirt was not dated) I probably would not wear it. I think this was because the Duathlon was an “added” option during race planning for the July race. One of the organizers mentioned to me they were “testing” the Duathlon to see if they will keep it for future races which they will due to the success of this one.
On the Race bling I hate to be negative and although the small Rocketchix pendant necklace is “cute” (they started this in 2013) I still wanted the “Finisher” medal. Also a towel for a Top3 prize just doesn’t cut it when you pay $60+ dollars to register. (personal opinion only)

Overall I had a wonderful experience and enjoyed being there with so many other strong, powerful women meeting their personal goals. I look forward to my next challenge the Muddy Water Paddle Battle Paddleboard Race next Saturday plus I have several races to sign up for as I get back to running.

You can be great

Borrowed from a friend.. Love this because for me it’s not about being the thinnest, fittest or fastest its just about being out there..
you can be great

I have been fortunate to even inspire others to lace up which is a wonderful feeling.
A couple weeks ago I got this on Twitter. Beats any finisher bling you can receive to inspire someone else to being the best version of themselves.


3 days til my 1st Duathlon #Rocketchix

Race support along the way…

Reflecting back it always warms my heart to see the kindness of strangers. Those that got up early on a Sunday morning for the Gulf Coast Half Marathon at Pensacola Beach as they cheer on the runners from their front yard. The kind man who cooked jambalaya and gave out water from his own pocket for the runners along the route on Espanade at the Crescent City Classic 10k in New Orleans. The young kids cheering on their moms and dads with their handmade signs. Their positive energy is felt throughout and really carries you from Start to Finish.
My dear friend Karen recently did a blog post on her running group:
It really touches on the camaraderie of how a close knit running group can become like a family and really encourage you to complete your personal goals.
I have yet to find a consistent running partner or group to run with. A large part of this is due to my personal schedule. I don’t mind running solo but having that accountability and consistency is very important in running. Especially if your aiming for a sub 2hr Half one day or possibly knocking off a Full marathon from your bucket list one day.
Karen also has a very supportive spouse which I believe is fundamental for a runner. It helps to have a partner that respects your goals and encourages you. I envy those that have this.
Balance for me is something that I have to work on. Balancing a full time job and being a wife and mother is challenging. Being healthy mentally and physically for me is key. I always feel better after a good workout or run.
For now I will continue to look upon those cheer signs and strangers with encouragement and support as I smile and wave back. A big “THANK YOU” to you.


Practice Duathlon a Success with 2 weeks to go!!!

This past Saturday morning my friend Francine came over to my house so we could do a full practice Duathlon. (2mile run/12mile bike/2mile run) My daughter even volunteered to get up at 6:30am to be our cheerleader and setup a water station for us at our transition setup (aka the front yard lol!) Francine had not done a Duathlon before and I only had my single Triathlon experience to go off of from last year but I went over some basics I had learned with her. (Towel setup, straps open on your helmet, practice putting on and taking off your helmet, before starting the bike portion have your helmet on before you grab your bike, don’t get on your bike until you’re out of the transition area etc.)
7am we were off!! It was a warm morning for sure. If I had taken pictures there would be a haze in them for sure. We finished the first 2 miles pretty steady at an even 9:40 pace. To transition we go for the bike portion. Francine got a Trek recently and that sucker MOVES even for a fat tire bike!! She can easily go 14mph-15mph while I struggled for 12mph. We dismounted after 12miles and my lower back was aching but off we go for the last 2 mile run. Lead hips and legs were definitely felt at this point!!! My daughter poured some ice water for us at the last transition and I felt like I could bathe in it. Since I am not coordinated to handle a water bottle and operate a bike I did drink some water at each transition. Those last 2 miles felt like 4 with our pace closer to the 10min mark for each mile but the finish line was in sight. Would Alaina be there to mark our finish times? Did she record our transition times as promised? Victory!!!!!!!!!! Yes to all of the above and we got our completion time of 1hr:40min. Which is exactly what I guessed our finish time would be. We felt accomplished with this practice session completed and more prepared for the upcoming race on the 27th. The next day I got my last 3.1 miles in for a Summer Virtual Half I was doing for the month of July through “Moms Run This Town”. That I do have a picture of. Another hot morning as you can tell!!
This summer virtual challenge has an Alice in Wonderland theme to it named “Running Mad”. How could I not do this one lol. Plus it has some great prizes. Check it out. There is a waiting list if you missed out on registering.

Are you training for any summer races? Which ones?
I got in a good Paddle board session last week and looking forward to getting back on the water this Wednesday if it’s not raining. That relay/sprint race is coming on August 3rd. I still think I am a little nuts for adding that to the mix but sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to feel like you’re actually living. Take a chance you may surprise yourself!!
step out of comfort zone

Paddle Battle

Sometimes when your morning doesn’t turn out like you intended plan B turns out even better. Once again our crazy hot southern weather messed up my plans due too thunderstorms that cancelled my 7am outdoor bootcamp on the levee, but I remembered there was going to be a Paddleboard race at Baton Rouge Beach at 8am. The weather looked like it would be cleared by then so I grabbed my running gear and decided to run a few miles out that way and watch the race afterwards. I rushed to get in my 5 miles while the race was getting setup. I almost got recruited for the 250 meter sprint relay race but my cousin Michelle (broken toe and all was there to step in). She has had much more practice on a board than I have. I have only been on a board less than 40 min total. I was there to be race support and cheer on everyone. I grabbed my cousin’s extra board and decided to get a quick practice in before the race got started. Once again a wobbly start but once I am on it and paddle a few minutes I am usually good to go.
The relay races were up first then the 250 meter Sprint, Kids Race and lastly the 1 mile Sprint. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun from the experienced to the beginner. This was an event that everyone could participate it. While I was watching I decided then I would sign up for the next one on August 3rd. Hopefully I can get more practice in. It would be just one week after my Duathlon that I am already training for but I just can’t pass this up.

Here is a video recap from the race:

If you would like more information on paddleboarding or to sign up please visit Muddy Water Paddle Company on Facebook:

For those of you that are local join me at the next one on August 3rd –“4th year of Paddle Battle Baton Rouge Beach” :
paddle battle 062913

Quick update on my Duathlon training: Sunday was a good day. I got in a strong brick session: 2 mile run/10mile bike/2mile run. I am starting to feel a bit more confident. I just need to work on my speed.