Paddle Battle

Sometimes when your morning doesn’t turn out like you intended plan B turns out even better. Once again our crazy hot southern weather messed up my plans due too thunderstorms that cancelled my 7am outdoor bootcamp on the levee, but I remembered there was going to be a Paddleboard race at Baton Rouge Beach at 8am. The weather looked like it would be cleared by then so I grabbed my running gear and decided to run a few miles out that way and watch the race afterwards. I rushed to get in my 5 miles while the race was getting setup. I almost got recruited for the 250 meter sprint relay race but my cousin Michelle (broken toe and all was there to step in). She has had much more practice on a board than I have. I have only been on a board less than 40 min total. I was there to be race support and cheer on everyone. I grabbed my cousin’s extra board and decided to get a quick practice in before the race got started. Once again a wobbly start but once I am on it and paddle a few minutes I am usually good to go.
The relay races were up first then the 250 meter Sprint, Kids Race and lastly the 1 mile Sprint. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun from the experienced to the beginner. This was an event that everyone could participate it. While I was watching I decided then I would sign up for the next one on August 3rd. Hopefully I can get more practice in. It would be just one week after my Duathlon that I am already training for but I just can’t pass this up.

Here is a video recap from the race:

If you would like more information on paddleboarding or to sign up please visit Muddy Water Paddle Company on Facebook:

For those of you that are local join me at the next one on August 3rd –“4th year of Paddle Battle Baton Rouge Beach” :
paddle battle 062913

Quick update on my Duathlon training: Sunday was a good day. I got in a strong brick session: 2 mile run/10mile bike/2mile run. I am starting to feel a bit more confident. I just need to work on my speed.


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