Practice Duathlon a Success with 2 weeks to go!!!

This past Saturday morning my friend Francine came over to my house so we could do a full practice Duathlon. (2mile run/12mile bike/2mile run) My daughter even volunteered to get up at 6:30am to be our cheerleader and setup a water station for us at our transition setup (aka the front yard lol!) Francine had not done a Duathlon before and I only had my single Triathlon experience to go off of from last year but I went over some basics I had learned with her. (Towel setup, straps open on your helmet, practice putting on and taking off your helmet, before starting the bike portion have your helmet on before you grab your bike, don’t get on your bike until you’re out of the transition area etc.)
7am we were off!! It was a warm morning for sure. If I had taken pictures there would be a haze in them for sure. We finished the first 2 miles pretty steady at an even 9:40 pace. To transition we go for the bike portion. Francine got a Trek recently and that sucker MOVES even for a fat tire bike!! She can easily go 14mph-15mph while I struggled for 12mph. We dismounted after 12miles and my lower back was aching but off we go for the last 2 mile run. Lead hips and legs were definitely felt at this point!!! My daughter poured some ice water for us at the last transition and I felt like I could bathe in it. Since I am not coordinated to handle a water bottle and operate a bike I did drink some water at each transition. Those last 2 miles felt like 4 with our pace closer to the 10min mark for each mile but the finish line was in sight. Would Alaina be there to mark our finish times? Did she record our transition times as promised? Victory!!!!!!!!!! Yes to all of the above and we got our completion time of 1hr:40min. Which is exactly what I guessed our finish time would be. We felt accomplished with this practice session completed and more prepared for the upcoming race on the 27th. The next day I got my last 3.1 miles in for a Summer Virtual Half I was doing for the month of July through “Moms Run This Town”. That I do have a picture of. Another hot morning as you can tell!!
This summer virtual challenge has an Alice in Wonderland theme to it named “Running Mad”. How could I not do this one lol. Plus it has some great prizes. Check it out. There is a waiting list if you missed out on registering.

Are you training for any summer races? Which ones?
I got in a good Paddle board session last week and looking forward to getting back on the water this Wednesday if it’s not raining. That relay/sprint race is coming on August 3rd. I still think I am a little nuts for adding that to the mix but sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to feel like you’re actually living. Take a chance you may surprise yourself!!
step out of comfort zone


4 thoughts on “Practice Duathlon a Success with 2 weeks to go!!!

  1. Way to go!! Glad you had such a great training session. I can’t even imagine how your legs felt after biking, then trying to run! Can’t wait for your race…best of luck to you both!

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