Race support along the way…

Reflecting back it always warms my heart to see the kindness of strangers. Those that got up early on a Sunday morning for the Gulf Coast Half Marathon at Pensacola Beach as they cheer on the runners from their front yard. The kind man who cooked jambalaya and gave out water from his own pocket for the runners along the route on Espanade at the Crescent City Classic 10k in New Orleans. The young kids cheering on their moms and dads with their handmade signs. Their positive energy is felt throughout and really carries you from Start to Finish.
My dear friend Karen recently did a blog post on her running group: http://www.justmeandmyrunningshoes.com/2013/07/gorun.html#.UebWs43FVxk
It really touches on the camaraderie of how a close knit running group can become like a family and really encourage you to complete your personal goals.
I have yet to find a consistent running partner or group to run with. A large part of this is due to my personal schedule. I don’t mind running solo but having that accountability and consistency is very important in running. Especially if your aiming for a sub 2hr Half one day or possibly knocking off a Full marathon from your bucket list one day.
Karen also has a very supportive spouse which I believe is fundamental for a runner. It helps to have a partner that respects your goals and encourages you. I envy those that have this.
Balance for me is something that I have to work on. Balancing a full time job and being a wife and mother is challenging. Being healthy mentally and physically for me is key. I always feel better after a good workout or run.
For now I will continue to look upon those cheer signs and strangers with encouragement and support as I smile and wave back. A big “THANK YOU” to you.



One thought on “Race support along the way…

  1. Great blog! Sorry you haven’t found a consistent running buddy. I agree that we can draw on the support of others, even if they are just crowd participants! Thanks for the shout-out…my husband appreciated your compliment of him as well! :0)

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