1st Paddleboard race this Saturday eeek!!!

I have been on a board very little and still cannot turn very well but this Saturday I am signed up for my 1st Paddleboard race. Goal=to finish UPRIGHT!! I will be doing the Relay Race alongside two wonderful women. Yes, going into this I will be the weakest link but I know they will be cheering me on. Later that morning I will also be doing the 250meter Sprint which is a solo race. They have some AWESOME awards but my goal is to not land in the water or come in dead last. I think I am more nervous about this than my Duathlon last weekend!
BTW: My daughter has agreed to do the Kids Race as long as she can do it for “fun” and not “competitive”. Of course! Thats the best thing about this particular race its all about having fun!

Race details:
The relay race will have teams of 3 racers paddling in a relay fashion. All racers will be provided with a YoloYAK standup paddle board, a paddle and a life vest. Relay teams can compete in three divisions: female, male, or coed. The top 3 teams in each division will receive awards.

250meter Sprint will be an all out, “paddles to the water” Sprint! The race will start 250 meters out in the lake and finish at the beach. This will be an open event for recreational boards and race boards. Top 3 Overall Racers will Recieve Award.

The Kids Race will be for kids 6-15 years old. Kids will paddle a course close to the beach with plenty of water support to insure safety. All racers will be provided with YoloYAK standup paddle boards, a paddle and a life vest. All kids will recieve an award for competing! We will most likely have 2 waves and divide them according to age: 6-10 and 11-15.

There is also a 1 mile race but you can forget that lol! Wish us luck!!

paddle battle<


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