Planning time for race season

Fall Half Marathon season is coming up fast. It’s time to refocus on my running. I need to start a schedule to get out there at least 3 times a week to run.
Monday: Rest, Weights, Stretching
Tuesday: 2-3 mile run and Bootcamp class (great for cross training-lots of squats & lunges)
Wednesday: Rest, Weights, Stretching and 3 mile run if Hubby is working
Thursday: Was Spin class but now it will be 3-5 mile run
Friday: Rest, Weights, Stretching
Saturday: Bootcamp class and/or 3-5 mile run
Sunday: Long run 8-10 miles

I would workout every day if I could but I am a wife and mother. Balance is key!
My only other option is to throw in some early mornings. I am usually at work by 6:30am so this would be tough. My workouts are all after work currently. I did add some motivation this weekend. I FINALLY hung up my bling after 2 & a half years. It’s on the wall right by my bed so when I get up every day this is what I see. SWEET!! I ordered it from Allied Medal and painted it with Gold Metallic Paint. (It comes Stainless Steel so very easy to customize if you wish) My mantra is “Finish Strong” so obviously this one spoke to me.
With 8 Half’s under my belt I have that magical “10” number in my head. I have already done 2 racecations this year so they will have to be local. I am thinking Baton Rouge Beach for “9” in December and Louisiana Half again in January for “10”. This will give me plenty of time to train and get my pace time back since I have been very slow lately. (Hopefully it’s just the heat). I am signed up for Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans for the Half in February but I am highly considering changing my registration for the Full even if I have to walk or crawl to the Finish. (Course time limit is 7 hours)

But first.. I have some fun races planned with my daughter.
8/24/13: Zoo Zoom 5k at our local Zoo. This one will definetly have pictures!!
8/31/13: NFL Saints 5k in New Orleans of course. More pictures -Can you say EPIC?!
10/4/13: Zombie Bash 5k -I’ll leave this up to your imagination for now 🙂
(Still working on the rest of my race calendar for September-December)

Did I mention after my 8 mile training run yesterday I am walking like a grandma today?? Not fun!! Why do we do this to ourselves? For the fun and the bling of course!

What races do you have coming up? How do you get prepared & motivated for Fall training ?


6 thoughts on “Planning time for race season

  1. You are doing great with your training! I love that you almost have 10 under your belt – BR & LA sound like great races to me! :0) YAY for RnR NOLA and your awesome bling holder! It’s going to be a great race season!!

    • Thanks Karen! You are always so supportive. Appreciate you!
      I like to mix it up and throw in the ‘fun’ races also. Keeps it from getting boring! If you have any tips for RNRNOLA Full let me know. I re-read your blog post from this year to prepare. Lol!

  2. Sounds like a great Fall / Winter schedule for racing, Nicole! Keep in mind that the second half of the full at RNR New Orleans is along the shadeless shores of Lake Pontchartrain. It zaps me every year, and depending on the weather can be brutal. Plus the crowd support is minimal. I’m a firm believer in your first full being Walt Disneyworld in January, Chicago in October, or Marine Corps in October (all of which I’ve run). Whatever you decide, I’m certain you’ll train properly and finish without a problem. Just want you to have the best first time experience possible!

  3. To me, nothing is better than fall races, or just running in the fall! It is the perfect weather and am looking forward to it! I have yet too, but will be signing up for the Rock n Roll Providence 1/2, which is at the end of September, so just like you said, I need to refocus and get back at it! I intend to create a schedule/calendar that I can hang up just like I did for the 1/2 I did in July! So heres to Finishing strong (and in 3hrs max!)

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