Training for Half/Full Marathon season has begun!

So the geek in me has to have a plan going into this. Run 3x a week, read up and start a running log. There is a local running group that I could join in for assistance but because of family commitments it is very difficult to get to the group training sessions. So I will be doing the majority of this solo. Luckily there are some wonderful resources online.

I have been recording my runs on my wall calendar at work but today I found a great app that I can easily enter my mileage in PLUS keep track of the mileage on my shoes!
I think I was particularly impressed how many days I had ran so far.

Runners log

My starter log that I had going on my wall calendar:
Week of August 5th = 16miles total (Monday –Sunday 2,3,3,8)
Week of August 12th= 17miles total (Monday –Sunday 3,4,10)
Week of August 19th= 18 miles total (Monday –Sunday 3,4,3,8)

I also found a great resource to learn about running terminology that I thought I would share:

My “tentative” race schedule:
Saints 5k 8-31-13 with Alaina & Hubby for fun- His first!
Zombie Bash 10-4-13 with Alaina for fun
Rabalais Run For Life 5k 10-5-13
BR Beach 10k 10-19-13 — maybe
GG Half Mandeville 10-20-13 -—maybe
Oktoberfest 3miler 11-2-13
Middendorf’s 10 miler/5k 11-16-13
Baton Rouge Beach Half 12-7-13
Girls on the Run 12-14-13 “Volunteer “with Alaina?—not running it
3rd Year -Louisiana Half 1-19-14
5th Anniversary New Orleans RnR Half 2-2-14 “thinking” about switching to the FULL-depends on training

My races do interfere a little with training BUT I like to use the 5k’s as speed work and they keep me motivated. I also like to do some races just for “fun” to keep Alaina going. Not all races have to be about the clock.

I purchased a book that I am hoping will help with my breathing while running:
Runner’s World Running on Air: The Revolutionary Way to Run Better by Breathing Smarter- Budd Coates. I downloaded it on my Kindle but returned it within 7 days and ordered the paperback version since I needed to make lots of notes. (again the geek in me)

How do you prepare for fall training ?
Do your training runs ever feel like a chore or do you always look forward to them?
I am dreading the high double digit training runs especially for my IT band. Any advice?

My daughter even joined in my sprint training this week.
I marked the street with cones and we timed each other.
Look at her go! She only gets one hour a day out of her Scoliosis brace so for her “wanting” to do this amazes me. She keeps me inspired. Of course when we were almost done (we did 6 sprints) she was like “this is rough” but she never quit!

Sprint training

Sprint training


6 thoughts on “Training for Half/Full Marathon season has begun!

  1. Do tell about the book! I read the article excerpt in the magazine awhile back and it seems like a good read.

    I’m thinking about the Middendorf’s 10-miler as well.

    • That’s how I heard about the book lol!
      Ill let you know soon.
      Hoping to read a little over Labor Day weekend so far I like it.
      I haven’t done Middendorfs before but I am looking forward to it. I’ve heard good things 🙂
      How’s your IT band? I fight with that myself . (Old injury that has never gone away completely.)

      • The pain, moreso discomfort, from the IT Band seems to come & go. Today I feel it every now and then, Friday and yesterday it was more intense. I hope to start physical therapy soon.

  2. My marathon training kicks into high gear next week I can’t wait! Your race schedule is a lot more full than mine, but I’m sure next year will be much busier! Good luck!

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