A Half Marathon Training Run? Are you crazy?

As I mentioned back on my 8-30-13 post (Training for Half/Full Marathon season has begun!) I decided to get more serious about the upcoming running season. Drop Spin class and start running 3-4 times a week. I started the week of August 6th and so far its going well. Went from 8 -10 average miles a week to 15-20. I can run 8-10 miles pretty easily for my long run on the weekend so yesterday I went for it. My first ever Half Marathon training run.
Yeah I thought I was too. I got up early to prepare just like I was going to run a race. I knew to beat the heat I would need to start early and bring an ice chest with water/Powerade to have at my car for each lap. I decided to drive out to the LSU campus since it was a game day and much to my delight there were many people already there with the same intent. There was great energy on campus and I knew a local running group Varsity Sports would be out soon for there Saturday morning run. I don’t mind running solo so I can go at my own pace and push myself when I need too. Although to see a friendly face on the course definitely helps! I had to take a couple walk/stretching breaks from time to time as the miles increased and my hips tightened but I pushed myself through it.

Watch did pause on walk/stretching breaks

Watch did pause on walk/stretching breaks

Will this get me to my Full in February? Time will tell but its a good start.
I made sure to hydrate well that day since I was going to be busy with errands plus scored great tickets to the LSU/UAB football game that evening with Hubby. LSU pulled it off with a win 56-17. It was a good day!

The quickest Selfie ever with my man Mike! Couldn't pass it up! Lol!

The quickest Selfie ever with my man Mike! Couldn’t pass it up! Lol!

*Do you have any tips to as I add mileage to my long runs?*
Oh! One more thing. I am featured today on Road Runner Girl’s Blog! Check it out:


6 thoughts on “A Half Marathon Training Run? Are you crazy?

  1. you are definitely on your way! I myself need to focus and get into the game, increase my running days to get back into it. Great job!

  2. Nicely done! You’re well on your way to a February full. Some advice from me, if I may: Don’t drop spin class altogether. My best fulls have come after months of regular spin classes and weight training mixed with running. For a marathon, training miles are important but overall fitness will make getting to the finish line a more pleasant overall experience.

    • I’m still doing weekly Bootcamp & weights but honestly Spin class isn’t that great for my Hip Flexors & IT Band. I find when I’m running & do Spin it agitates it more. I need the extra night for running since I’m very limited time wise on my training. I do agree that overall fitness is important!

  3. Just remember the operative word is “SLOW” in long slow run. I used to try to do all of my long runs at my goal race pace… Not smart! It’s an easy way to fatigue your legs before you actually get to race day. Pace doesn’t matter during these runs, it’s all about the distance!

    • Thanks for the advice Krysten, Yes, I keep going back and forth on this. Do I have the body to run a Full ? (weak hips & IT band no matter how much I stretch and roll) Can I get to 16 miles, 20 miles and the ever far 26.2? Time will tell. Speaking of time hopefully my family will be patient and supportive while I am away on these long mornings runs. Many of these thoughts come to my mind every day but especially on my long runs πŸ™‚

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