Pain in my… FOOT!.. Doctor update: Stress Fracture..

Since my long run Sunday I have been experiencing throbbing bursts of pain in the middle/bottom of one foot. From online research looks like could be that my running shoes too small. (Hmmm I had just heard that if you increase your mileage for Full training its best to go up a size in your running shoes). My current Asics running shoe was discontinued (Gel 1170) so I transitioned to the Asics GT1000. I had put 126 miles on them since mid-August. I don’t think its plantar fasciitis because the pain isn’t in the heel of my foot it is more in the middle. Do I call up a Sports Doctor to make an appointment or do I do a bit more online research? Of course the geek I am I do more online research.I posted this question on various FB group pages and got some great first hand advice:

My running shoes are a full size bigger than my everyday shoes to account for swelling, etc., help with foot pain, wand helps to lesson black toenails. — Janelle

If you aren’t already, ice your foot…I am having some tendonitis problems and putting my foot in ice water, after the initial shock, is very helpful. Good plan on the refit. Also, you can freeze a bottle of water and roll your foot and/or golf ball feels good too. Good luck! — Roberta

Can you go to a local running store and have them fit your feet again. I would be hesitant to just order a bigger size. I occasional get that pain especially when my mileage is high. I took a tennis ball and drilled a whole in it. Fill it with water and freeze. I then roll it on the bottom of my foot where it hurts. Works wonders! Good luck! — Jamie

Orthopedic said I have to stretch out my foot. Like take a towel and pull my toes in. My physical therapist also gave me exercises that strengthen my foot. Like toe raises, I think they are called. Stand on one foot and raise up on your toes and down. It’s hard but it has helped. Massage your PF and your calf’s. Use your roller. I just got the addaday stick roller and that has helped. I roll my foot on my foam roller too. It went away for me. Used to feel like a foot cramp…Keep us posted! Stretching will help! I had that pain when I increased mileage and then it went away with stretching/ soaking (ice baths/ warn epson salt baths as well). I also changed socks and that seemed to help! — Monique

That sounds like either old or wrong shoes, PF or a combo of old/wrong shoes and PF. PF can present in the middle of the foot as well. I would go get re-evaluated. Might be time to try a new shoe!! It might just be that your feet need a new model! I’m a serial dater of running shoes! My feet finicky and aren’t easily sold long term on the same shoe without aches and pains rearing their ugly head! — -Sarah

My feet swell dramatically over 9 miles – like a half size more dramatically. I ended up changing the way I laced my shoes in the toe area to give the toes more room, as I was already in a full size bigger shoe for running. The re-lacing helped a lot – no more pain. — Dawn

Most definitely check on the shoe size Nicole. It’s not uncommon for feet to increase in size as training increases. Also, make sure you go to a great specialty running shoe store to get that proper fit–Fred

Is it UNDER your foot? like on the arch? Stretching will help! I had that pain when I increased mileage and then it went away with stretching/ soaking (ice baths/ warn epson salt baths as well). I also changed socks and that seemed to help! (Thinner socks better than thick)— Monique

What shoes do you wear? A couple models ago, I had to move up from 9.5 to 10 in Brooks Adrenalines, the newer models tend to run a bit smaller. Running Warehouse has a neat little tool that will show you how a shoe fits compared to other shoes, even previous models. I don’t know if they have it for Asics, but I have used it for Brooks to get an idea how models have changed-Janice

That day at lunch I went to my local running store (Varsity Sports) an unbeknownst to me when Asics transitioned to the Gel 1170 model to the GT1000 model the updated shoe was more narrow which is not a good fit for my feet plus with my increased mileage I did need to go up a half size. They actually showed me a different model the GT-2000 ver2. It added just a bit more cushioning support and width without having to go to a wide width. SCORE! I even brought my running shoes with me and they could see that I was bulging out of the GT1000 plus they looked at the wear. Biggest advice I left with: Always get refitted when there is a model change (Don’t just order it over the phone like I did -#Fail!!!!) Communicate to the sales staff on what your training goals are #LessonLearned. I need to stretch and roll the inflamed nerve over the next few days but my pain should lessen and I should be able to get back on the roads this weekend.
WHEW! So thankful!!


Update 9/27/13: I listed to the above advice and noticed the pain was worse today. I got an appointment in with a great doctor before the weekend and discovered I have a Mild Stress Fracture. My new kicks are temporarily replaced with a Boot on my right foot for the next 6-8 weeks. No more than 6 miles of running distance wise. Normally they tell you no running but she knows I want to stay active so they will re-xray me in two weeks to check the bone. What caused it? Various reasons: too tight of shoes, the fall I experienced last Sunday at mile 8 of 14 and pushing myself past the 10% rule. (Not to increase your distance more than 10% week to week)

sigh.. At least it happened early in my training.
Thoughts, advice? feedback?
This is my first major injury. Tell me stories about yours (if you have any)
Should I scale back my goal of my first Full? Is this a sign?

My new fall fashion accessory. At least its black!!

My new fall fashion accessory. At least its black!!


5 thoughts on “Pain in my… FOOT!.. Doctor update: Stress Fracture..

  1. :0( I am so sorry. I know you’ll be better soon…to be honest, I would at least take a week off of no running. I had a complete bone fracture in my foot and in all, I took 5 weeks off of no running. At the end of 5 weeks, I ran again without any pain at all. I’m not saying ‘you need to take a full 5 weeks off, I just don’t want your SF to get worse during this initial healing time. Best of luck to you, girl. Again, I’m sorry. I don’t think your goal of a Marathon is far-fetched at all, especially for February…you have plenty of time!

    • Thanks Karen I really appreciate it.
      I’ll take the next few days off and see how I feel today has been the worst as far as pain. At least it happened early but it is discouraging… I am not sure if it was the Miles that did it it the Fall but I need to be more careful.

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