Pain in my… FOOT!.. Doctor update: Stress Fracture..

Pain in my… FOOT!.. Doctor update: Stress Fracture..

Update 9/27/13: I listed to the above advice and noticed the pain was worse today. I got an appointment in with a great doctor before the weekend and discovered I have a Mild Stress Fracture. My new kicks are temporarily replaced with a Boot on my right foot for the next 6-8 weeks. No more than 6 miles of running distance wise. Normally they tell you no running but she knows I want to stay active so they will re-xray me in two weeks to check the bone. What caused it? Various reasons: too tight of shoes, the fall I experienced last Sunday at mile 8 of 14 and pushing myself past the 10% rule. (Not to increase your distance more than 10% week to week)

sigh.. At least it happened early in my training.
Thoughts, advice? feedback?
This is my first major injury. Tell me stories about yours (if you have any)
Should I scale back my goal of my first Full? Is this a sign?

It WILL get better..I WILL become stronger.. A Journey to a Healthier ME!

Since my long run Sunday I have been experiencing throbbing bursts of pain in the middle/bottom of one foot. From online research looks like could be that my running shoes too small. (Hmmm I had just heard that if you increase your mileage for Full training its best to go up a size in your running shoes). My current Asics running shoe was discontinued (Gel 1170) so I transitioned to the Asics GT1000. I had put 126 miles on them since mid-August. I don’t think its plantar fasciitis because the pain isn’t in the heel of my foot it is more in the middle. Do I call up a Sports Doctor to make an appointment or do I do a bit more online research? Of course the geek I am I do more online research.I posted this question on various FB group pages and got some great first hand…

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4 thoughts on “Pain in my… FOOT!.. Doctor update: Stress Fracture..

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Nicole. You’ve been running well and I know this seems like a major setback. I’ve suffered from a stress fracture before (tibia) and was in a boot for 4 weeks and did not run or walk during that time. The pain was too much to bear, and I wanted to be sure I could get back to running as soon as possible. It ended up taking about a year to heal because I kept doing too much, too soon, and wearing heels when I should have been in flats to help ease the weight put on the bone. I would HIGHLY suggest you consider taking a total break and doing things like swimming or riding your bike. This will also be helpful for your IT band. Do what you need to do to stay in shape in the meantime. You have plenty of time and a great aerobic base. It’s not a sign that anything is wrong or that you shouldn’t run the full, but you seem to have some good ideas about why it happened and what you can do differently going forward.

      • Totally. It happened a few months after I moved into an apartment right next to Audubon Park several years ago. The whole time I felt like OF COURSE it would happen when I had easy access to the best running path in the city. It was awful and I hated doing nothing, but it was worth it in the end. Most of all, it’s important to learn from it. Learn what the pain feels like so you can identify it early on in the future. Learn what your body can handle. Learn how to bring up your mileage. You will be just fine, I promise. Another thing I wanted to mention is that since my sfx was so painful, they put me on an osteoporosis medication to help strengthen the bone. You may want to ask about that. Hang in there and send me an email or FB note if you have questions!

      • I already feel like I’m over compensating with my left side ( that has the IT band issue so I’ll have to try to distribute my weight better & keep foam rolling daily. I will have to watch my diet with the lack of working out. I’m not much of a swimmer but I’ll have to find something. Alaina & I have a big event next Friday. Hopefully we can still do it. Zombie 5k & flash mob-dance of Thriller afterwards.. Of course were going big & dressing up. I wasn’t planning on “running” it just a jog. I’ll walk if I have too. We were taking choreography classes & everything PLUS I had I got invited to the Runners World Half. That’s out. Oh well!!!

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