Not starting off October as I had hoped.

October has always been my favorite month. Temperatures start to cool down so I can enjoy my running more. I enjoy being outside and seeing the changes of nature. Halloween is coming (my 2nd favorite holiday & I am a big “Nightmare Before Christmas” Fan!) plus my birthday is on the 16th. Normally I am preparing for a Half Marathon this month and lining up my race calendar for the season. Well all of that is at a screeching halt due to my Cuboid Stress Factor.

Pain in the .. Cuboid

Pain in the .. cuboid

I am waiting on a call back from the doctor to verify but it looks like I am off running for the next 6-8 weeks. To go from 15 miles to 0 is a downer but I have to look at this as a learning experience. I was in the wrong shoes, I amped up my mileage too fast and I kept going when I fell recently. All my mistakes no one else’s. I will do my best not to get too discouraged. I will stay as active as possible whether it’s volunteering at races or doing extra work on my arms. I always did want killer arms!
I want her arms!

I want her arms!

I have been lucky this is my first injury. My friends have been so supportive. Words of advice: Rest, Stay Positive, Setback will fuel you to come back stronger than ever, Concentrate on core work and Strengthening. Great advice by all and much appreciated.

Alaina and I have the Zombie Bash 5k/walk this Friday night. We have been practicing our choreography for the flash mob “Thriller” dance for after the run. We are still going and participating. She won’t run it without me and it may be too much for me walk it this soon so I may be on the injured reserve list helping out at the Finish Line. Costume prep is in the final stages and I plan to Push Forward!

Join us!!zombie-bash-2013/c1qhu

What do you have planned this month?
Any words of advice to stay motivated during an injury?
Do you have experience with a Stress Factor to share?


11 thoughts on “Not starting off October as I had hoped.

  1. No stress fracture, but I tore my TFL last year during a Half Marathon and was out of commission for three months! Rest, recover and refocus! Happy Birthday! I too have an October Birthday!!

  2. I’m starting to worry about a nagging pain on the top of my foot. I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciitis for so long, I don’t need something new. I sure hope you do heal quickly. Will your doctor let you do other cardio like elliptical or spin? That’s what I’ve done when I couldn’t run – that and I came up with some low-impact kettlebell tabata workouts for added endurance plus weight training.

    • I may have to wait awhile before I can do Elliptical or Spin but it’s Definetly on my list to CrossTrain as soon as possible! I hope your pain doesn’t develop into something, I went to the Dr when I knew something just didn’t feel right. Don’t wait!

  3. The Zombie race sounds like fun…would enjoy volunteering! I agree with resting for several weeks. You want it to heal now rather then set you back closer to the marathon.

    • I like how you phrased that ( not letting me off to continue training for the Full!! Lol) I so wanted to be at 20miles by November I’ll be so behind. I have til early Dec to decide about RNRNOLA to leave registration for the Half or change it. Wouldn’t be so bad to run with you since your doing the Half! I have a room reserved if you want to join me! Would be fun! To think January will mark 3 years I started this Journey! WOW!! To many more races!!

    • Btw: My foot is sore today just from dance practice last night. 😣😓😢
      I was at home doing it so didn’t have the boot on… Thought it would be ok…Sigh.. Next practice wearing the boot! Probably will have to wear for the dance Friday… Not a good sign but it’s early on..

  4. I hope you are able to have fun at the Zombie run Nicole. So sorry about your injury. Earlier this year, I thought I had a foot injury, but after an MRI, they discovered arthritis….no fun, but at least I was not put on running restriction. Good luck!

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