When in doubt get a 2nd opinion…

The 1st doctor I saw on the 9/27 was great but they used a mobile X-ray service that the results just wasn’t as visible as I would have liked and the doctor said I could still run up to 6 miles every other day even with the mild Cuboid Stress Fracture. Instructions were to gauge it by pain or could fracture completely. Many of my runner friends chimed in that this was a very bad idea. That you should not keep running on any stress fracture or you run the risk of longer recovery time or reoccurrence if it does not heal properly. Due to this injury I already had to give up an opportunity to run the Runner’s World Half on 10/19 and I have a family trip to California coming up in just 48 days. I really don’t want to be in the boot any longer than I have to. Even with 6-8 weeks from the diagnosis date I just barely should be able to leave the boot behind for our trip. Sometimes you just have to stop and look at the bigger picture.

I am not having any more pain but I have been wearing the boot during the day at work consistently and this is my second week without any running. I decided to go for a second opinion yesterday and went and saw a doctor that a runner friend that I know is using. His X-rays had much better results however still inconclusive. He scheduled me for a Bone Scan for next week to know for sure. (An MRI would have been too expensive even with insurance). He said absolutely NO RUNNING, Spin, or Elliptical until we get the results which will be next Thursday. If the scan shows up clean then more than likely it is simply a joint pain instead which he said I can get a steroid shot and be back to running that day.

So tonight is the Zombie Bash 5k run/walk. The second doctor said I can’t even walk it so I will be staying behind volunteering at the Finish Line instead. Hopefully my daughter will still jog it without me but if not she will be volunteering as well. We both have our costumes ready and I will be doing the Flash mob “Thriller” dance with her in my boot. A friend said it will add to my creepy factor. I like that.

Have you ever decided to go for a second opinion for an injury? (This was my first) Even if the results come back that I do have a mild fracture I am glad I went because I want the right treatment and don’t want to risk being out of running for the entire season.

Patiently waiting on the sidelines to be put back in the game!!!
(well sorta patiently)


5 thoughts on “When in doubt get a 2nd opinion…

  1. Yes, I’ve gone for a 2nd opinion and I don’t feel bad about it. I’m glad you decided to seek more input because I would’ve hated for you to cause more damage.

  2. I think you’ll find that the bone scan will tell you a lot. An MRI probably isn’t necessary, either. I remember laying there watching my bone scan as it happened and it was clear from a few minutes into the scan that the painful area on my tibia was lighting up. You’ll probably have a pretty good idea that day. Hoping for some good news for you.

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