On the road again…..

Back to the doctor today and got the all clear per my Bone Scan. He did say I have Shin Splints in my right leg which is weird since I don’t feel them. Fortunately I did invest in some compression sleeves and socks recently so I am prepared. I am glad I trusted my gut and went for a second opinion. I never had a Stress Fracture go figure. The pain was probably just inflammation due to the tight shoes, my recent fall and ramp up in mileage. I do feel like I was due for a break and probably would not have taken one on my own. This has definitely been a learning experience so I will take that as a win.

What did I learn?
Trust in others: I got lots of great advice from running friends that had my best interest at heart and offered tough love that was much needed.

Trust the process: Rest when you need too and taper accordingly. Slow down so you can stay in the game!

Trust in myself: When something doesn’t seem right find another solution.

I remembered why I do it. Running is my therapy. It’s my ME time.
Enjoy it. Don’t let it be a chore.

What’s next? Well I have to build back s l o w l y. This is painstaking difficult for me. (Did I mention how stubborn I am?) Doctor says I have to start at 1-3 miles. I can run every day if I want but I have to watch the distance. Then 3-5 miles for week two. Week three 5-7 miles. Week four 7-9 miles and so on. He says if I go back to it too fast from being on a three week hiatus I WILL get a stress fracture. He says that’s how most occur. This is disappointing. I will be rebuilding my mileage all over again but at least I will be out there.

Tonight I did 3 miles and it was glorious!!!!

Have you had a similiar training setback? How did you stay focused?


7 thoughts on “On the road again…..

    • Even when you don’t want to listen it makes you lololol!!
      This does make me a bit concerned about Full training though. Its so frustrating to go from 15 miles down to the bottom of the ladder especially when you try to join in the local weekly training group and again you find yourself having to do it solo again..

      • You’ll get back there! And as someone who did 6 halfs never running with anyone else, you will get so strong mentally and physically, you’ll see a huge difference when you do run with others 🙂

  1. I gave myself Achilles tendonitis, from drastic ramping of mileage before my 1st half-mary in June, cost me 2 months of recovery time, running 5-10 miles a week; I guess I learned that lesson, because I’m stronger and healthier now, and deep into full marathon training with little to no pain. Good for you on taking away some insight and wisdom!

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