Did I really just do that? “Full” on crazy!

Yikes, with that I just emailed the Competitor Group to change my registration from the Half to the Full Marathon for Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans on 2-2-14.
Am I scared? Without a doubt YES! Even today my legs are tight from my training run this past Sunday and that was only “8” miles. I am just coming back from an injury. Why did I do this? I have a Half Marathon scheduled for December and January. January I will be at my magical “10” number for Half’s and since RNRNOLA was my 1st Half that I ran in 2011 it seemed only fitting it would be my first Full. I would like to do one local Full and do one Full at Disney World (possibly January 2015) and then I will be satisfied. Half marathons are more of a comfortable distance for me and I still dream of a Sub 2hr so I have that in my mind for the upcoming December and January races. How will I work on speed work AND long distance PLUS stay uninjured? Support that is how.
I have a ton of people that have more confidence in me than I have in myself. I must get stronger mentally & physically. I must not Self Defeat. This will be KEY.
I do have a strategy when it comes to the day of the Full. First: I plan to go at my own pace. I will run, walk or crawl to that Finish line. Second: I will remember those that I have personally seen cross the Finish line and think to myself “WOW, if they can do it I can”. In fact the Louisiana Marathon is just two weeks before my Full. I will be running the Half that day and plan to stick around to watch runners complete the Full. I will bottle up that inspiration and save it for race day. Second: I plan to run with my phone. This is something I normally don’t do but I will ask friends that day to text me or message me with motivation so when my legs are dragging my heart will soar.


Do you have any tips to get me through my first Full?
What made you sign up for your first Full?
How do you get through those looooong training runs?


19 thoughts on “Did I really just do that? “Full” on crazy!

  1. I ran my first one in Vegas in 2007. Two friends talked me into running the marathon, but they backed out. Thankfully, another friend (experience marathoner) stepped up to encourage and run with me in Vegas. It is a great experience, and a hopefully a good one you won’t forget.

  2. I think this is great! Congrats for signing up! My best advice is to trust your training and power through it. Don’t aim for speed, aim to finish. Your first is just about finding out you can, all your subsequent marathons are for improving finish time. Good luck!

  3. Believe in the LSD “long, slow distance” run. Your body needs to get used to being on it’s feet (literally) for long periods of time. Especially early on. Don’t worry about speed when building distance, work on speed on slower runs. When you start hitting 15, 17, 20 for the first time just focus on getting the distance. Taking it slow is always best. I promise that you wont hit mile 18 and think “huh, I should have ran the first 16 miles faster.” Enjoy the journey and allow yourself time in training for breathing room in case something comes up.

    • Thank you so much for your guidance. I really appreciate it!! I saves your recent post on “What to expect on Marathon day”. I must get one of your #Runner shirts. Love it! Been following you since I started

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