and the training begins…
Last week I got in a total of 18 miles and the week before 17 miles.
My long runs on the weekends were 10 and 8 miles. It is still a bit disappointing since a little over a month ago I was at 14 and 15 miles for my long runs but I will take it.
I am back on the roads which matter the most.
Staying injury free is going to make me or break me this race season.
I have cut back on my scheduled races for the season and want to focus on good quality running and stretching/rolling daily. My IT Band has been flaring up a bit lately. I can feel the knots and try to work them out the best I can but sooner or later I will have to invest in a sports massage. I also found a new trick. Body Glide on my feet! I noticed with the additional mileage the bottom of my feet have been rather dry which will only lead to blisters and worse calluses then I already have. So I tried out the Body Glide this past Sunday and it worked like a charm! Something else to add to my pre-run prep.
The weather has been cooperating lately which has helped.
GOODBYE 90+ degree and 100% humidity!! Fall is here!!
I am trying to stay at the 10% increase in mileage weekly but it hard. This past Sunday I could have easily added on an extra 3 or 4 miles but I was good and stopped myself. I am already looking forward to my long run this weekend. I need to get a training plan on paper ASAP to track what mileage I should be running and when to taper. I have a friend helping me with this and should have it this week.
The training is just as important if not more than your performance on race day. Several friends ran the Marine Corp Marathon this past weekend. For some it was their first Full. Reading their stories motivated me even more that I made the right decision to jump in the Full pool. Let’s hope I can swim!

Question for you: I have two Half Marathons I plan to run before my Full. (One even two weeks before) Can I run strong Halfs even during Full training? I am talking PR Half’s. Can I work on pace and endurance at the same time?

The Countdowns Begins

The Countdowns Begins

Keeping the positive motivation up will be key

Keeping the positive motivation up will be key. (Borrowed from my friend Megan)


2 thoughts on “#roadto26.2

  1. I would be very reluctant to go for a PR half two weeks before a marathon. It sounds very ambitious and perhaps talking to a running coach would be helpful. You can definitely work on pace and endurance together, but the long runs during training are supposed to be slow to avoid injury (I am sure you already know this!). Good luck and have fun with training!

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