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What blogs that you follow inspire you?

5th Annual Middendorf’s Manchac 10 Mile Recap

As Francine and I parked we saw a glimpse of the bridge by the Start/Finish sign. “We are supposed to run up ‘THAT’, we thought to ourselves”. It was a foggy morning and it almost made it look like once you get up there you drop off.

A foggy start to our race morning.

A foggy start to our race morning.

We got there right before 7am when packet pickup opened which went super quick. There were no Finisher medals for the race but you did get a nice red, dry wick shirt and complimentary catfish dinners were to be served to all of the runners. There was beer on tap (Bud Light and Michelob Ultra) which always draws a line and today this was no exception, even though most of the apprx 650 runners finished the race before 10am.
I 'personally' did not care for the catfish but The coleslaw was quite good.

I ‘personally’ did not care for the catfish but the coleslaw was quite good.

A "before" shot since I knew we would be a sweaty mess after the race.

A “before” shot since I knew we would be a sweaty mess after the race.

Before the 8am start a few friends and I did a light jog up the incline and back. (Partially to conquer our fear. Ok “my” fear.) The 10 mile course was an out and back on US Highway 51. There was very little race support on the streets only manned water stations which there were plenty and very appreciated. The sun never came out during the race and since it was a humid morning that was probably for the best. This was a Louisiana RRCA 10 Mile State Championship race so the fast runners were gone before we were even halfway up the bridge at the Start. I kept a steady pace for the majority of the race and finished with a time of 1hr: 37min per my Garmin (I may or may not had Britney Spears song “Work #” on repeat during miles 7 & 8 to get me through lol!!). This race was great to fit into my training and since I have ran the Goldenfliers race in Baton Rouge for the past two years in a row it was a welcome change. The roads were smooth and the bridge was more of a struggle at the Finish but I felt more confident that I conquered it with my IT Band intact!
All smiles! We did it!!

All smiles! We did it!!

A funny pic at the dock with a view of the bridge in the background!

A fun pic at the dock with a view of the bridge in the background!

It was a great morning with friends with a race thrown in.
I would definetly do it again with this group!

Since I mentioned the race shirt thought I would thrown in a pic. My post race tradition is always to wear it the afternoon of a race after I get cleaned up and today was no different!

I may not have PR’d today but I did cross off a personal goal for 2013 early. Last year I ran 299.5 miles so this year I made the goal to run 500 miles. With today’s race I completed it at 505 miles and it felt great! The next day I still had gas in the tank so I went for a 4.5 mile recovery run at the LSU Lakes. I hope to keep pushing farther and stronger. #roadto26.2

For race stats and others in the area check out

How are you coming along on your 2013 goals?

To learn is to grow….A special evening with SmashTALK

Last night I had the opportunity to attend ‘SmashTALK’ a panel discussion with local field experts to educate and increase awareness with topics such as eating disorders, body image, negative self talk, authenticity and media dangers. It was their one year SMASH Anniversary and as luck would have it they were in town at the nearby LSU campus. Their message is a strong one: “We are creating a better world TOGETHER. Never underestimate the power you have within YOU. Love others and most of all DARE to LOVE Yourself. Be the change you want to see. “

Why is something so simple yet so difficult? Even at age 40 I have yet to have it all together. I struggle to feel worthy, to feel good enough. I know I am a strong, independent woman yet I am vulnerable to the number on the scale. I worry that my daughter will struggle with a relationship with food as I did as a kid and even now I still struggle.

Some highlights from the discussion last night:
• Be more aware of what keeps you down.
• It does not have to be an “All or Nothing” approach. Moderation is key
• You don’t have to live up to the unobtainable level of perfection. Trust in yourself. Say to yourself “This is who I am!”
• Be proud to connect with others. Don’t hold yourself back. Don’t compare yourself to others.
• Surround yourself with UPLIFTING people.
• Change the conversation when someone near you is bashing themselves. Don’t contribute or react. Be Sincere. Be a Role Model

Another big topic last night was Media Influences:
Media images are everywhere from sidebar ads on Facebook, Pinterest images on how we “should” look plus what we see in magazines and television. A couple images in particular are how popular cartoon characters have changed over the years:

When I got home my 13 year old daughter asked me what I learned and I shared my notes with her. She tells me: “Mom, you know all of that already. Your story inspires me.” Wow, jaw drops, heart swells…I think to myself: “ I guess I am doing something right.” Earlier that night I asked McCall Dempsey the founder of Southern Smash and blogger of “Loving Imperfection” What could I do as a parent of a child entering high school next year to support her more? Her response: You’re already doing it. You’re here, Your aware. That’s Everything!

It is ok that I don’t have it all together. “THIS IS WHO I AM!”

Finally met McCall Manning Dempsey in person. Founder of Southern Smash & blogger at Loving Imperfection. I love everything she stands for. It was a special evening of enlightenment.

Finally met McCall Manning Dempsey in person. Founder of Southern Smash & blogger at Loving Imperfection. I love everything she stands for. It was a special evening of enlightenment.

McCall wrote everyone's name that has touched her or reached out to her in this journey for the past year. Much to my surprise she told me my name was included as well.

McCall wrote everyone’s name that has touched her or reached out to her in this journey for the past year. Much to my surprise she told me my name was included as well. Can you find it?

For more information on ‘Southern Smash’ check out :
Tip: Keep checking back they will be adding more traveling events in 2014

Full training is like learning how to run all over again

Not that I am complaining don’t get me wrong. Fortunately I like learning new things and researching which #roadto26.2 is just that. I’ll break it down for you.

Compression: Due to added mileage your body swells. For faster recovery and injury prevention compression wear is highly recommended. You must measure your calfs and go to the store and try a few different brands on to see what you like. Zensahs are a bit thin but great for a warm day. If its a bit cooler out and you like a more snug fit I have found the CEP brand work great. Compression Calf sleeves are good for during your run or while your walking around afterwards. Compression “socks” are great to sleep in after your long run. Dont make the mistake of sleeping in Calf “sleeves” or you will wake up with swollen feet. (I may or may not have done this. ummmm. Trial & error is all I am saying)
Shoes & socks: Go get re-checked! Make sure your gait has not changed. Make sure the sizing of your shoes line up with the amount of running you are doing since you may have swelling in your feet. Go back twice if you have to. Me it was three times! After going up a half size in shoes, learning a new lacing technique and getting thinner socks. (Swiftwick since it has added compression) I am hoping the formula will be right. Time will tell.

ICE: Ice is not my friend but it needs to be. I want nothing more to go soak in a hot tub after a run but from what I hear this is a NO-NO. Heat does nothing for the swelling and inflammation for your body. Ice takes the swelling down. I have to get better at using ice as soon as I am done with my long runs. This is a must for recovery and aids with injuries.

I am not a polar bear!

I am not a polar bear!

Nutrition: I have not yet gotten to the 20 mile mark on my running so Gu, beans etc I am still experimenting with but the key is not to wait til there is no gas left in the tank. Take an aid about 20 minutes before you need it and make sure you are hydrating along the way with a mix of water and Gatorade. You will be more hungry when you are increasing your mileage. Try to eat as healthy as possible. What you are eating and drinking is FUEL for your engine. Thinking of it that way. I am personally bad about this. When I first started running I dropped a dress size easy. Now I seem to be eating the calories I burn and the scale is not budging. (womp..womp) You know what they say: “Burn more than you eat to create a deficit”. You know this but that extra slice of pizza seems to be calling your name “EAT ME!” and you think to yourself “well, I did run 8 miles today”. You have to walk away and grab some veggies or fruit instead. Case Closed.

I have the "Rungry's"!!!

I have the “Rungry’s”!!!

Time: Marathon training is a huge commitment. With 81 days to go I just received my suggested training schedule from a friend and since I bumped up my run last weekend to 15 miles in 2hrs:33min I am doing ok at this point. BUT I realized I must increase my mileage during the week which means an extra hour of running on a week night. You have to build weekly mileage. This makes your legs stronger and builds endurance overall.

Lastly “stretch-roll-repeat”: This is a daily regimen that you must not skip. Look up some strengthening excersizes and work them in daily. It will help you in the long run. (pun intended!)

You learn by doing and finding what works for you. Your feet, your hips, your body mechanics. How it all works together. The elites have numerous coaches to help them but if you are like me your aids are the internet and running buddies. Record what you are doing and eventually the pieces of the puzzle will fit. Learning how to adapt to the longer runs is a journey but it will pay off.


Do you have thoughts to add or suggestions to make? Let me hear them 🙂

Whats up next? a bridge, catfish and dreams

Tomorrow morning I have a 12-14 mile training run planned then a 10 mile race next weekend. “Middendorf’s Manchac 10 miler”.
I have been wanting to run this race for awhile but the past two years in a row I have ran the “Goldenfliers 10 miler” instead since it is on the same day and in my home town Baton Rouge. This year I have decided to break the cycle and sign up for Middendorf’s. This one will be a highly competitive race since its a Louisiana RRCA 10 Mile State Championship race. I certainly wont be at that top level, especially after I googled and saw this.

EEK! Is that a bridge?!

EEK! Is that a bridge?!

I had “heard” there was a bridge but oh my! BREATHE! This will be a race to just “do” it. No pressure. Just get it done and enjoy the post race dinner afterwards. It’s never too early in the morning for Catfish and Beer right ?! There is also a 5k so I may ask my daughter Alaina if she would like to join in.
Post race grub for all runners compliments of Middendorf’s Restaurant, Manchac, Louisiana

Post race grub for all runners compliments of Middendorf’s Restaurant

My next planned race will be the 20th Anniversary of the “Baton Rouge Beach Half” on December 7th
I have ran this route many times but never the race so I figured why not get a medal for it?! I am thinking for Full training I will run this 13.1 then get another 4-5 miles in right after the race. That’s the “plan” anyway. Plan B will to run 6-8 miles the day after but if I am feeling good I will be going with Plan A.

My “10th” Half Marathon will be “The Louisiana Half Marathon” on 1-19-14. I am an Ambassador for this race and truly love the course and atmosphere so it was a no brainer for this one to be extra special.

As you may recall two weeks after will be the “Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Full Marathon”. My First Full. I know it is very ambitious and my training isn’t going that great but run, walk or crawl I will cross that Finish line on 2-2-14. This race was my first Half in 2011 so it is very important to me. No self doubt, all heart. That is the plan. #roadto26.2

Love this!

Love this!

Thank you for all the support on my blog, Twitter and Facebook it means the world and will definetly be whats get me through these next three months. The running community is amazing. It is like an extended family. I am honored to be among you on this journey.

Not letting a bad run shake your confidence

Saturday morning I went out for a 12 mile with the local Varsity running group. Some were running 9,12 and 17 that morning. Since I had ran 10 last weekend 12 sounded good to me. I got there on time physically but mentally I was a bit off. Part of me was at home thinking about activities with my daughter for the weekend. I was feeling a bit guilty because there was a Juvenile Diabetes walk going on that Alaina mentioned to me last minute she wanted to participate in. Aaaack! mommy guilt set in. Should I postpone my run til Sunday? but we already had plans for that day and I was going to need my rest. I didn’t know anyone at the walk I could leave her with that early so I made the decision for her not to do the event and I went for my run. Guilt..Guilt.. Guilt… I started off strong but doing so I wasn’t in the right group for the 12 milers and of course me with my bad directional sense I got lost. Once again I ended up doing my run solo just hoping I would find my way back to my car. 7, 8 miles ticked by and I was getting tired. My shin splints were doing fine but that morning I woke up with tendinitis in my left foot and by that point that’s all that I was feeling. I struggled to get 10.5 in and called it a day. Again guilt..Would I have had a better run to wait til Sunday? Why do we question ourselves over every little detail? Why as moms do we feel so guilty when we try to arrange our schedules the best we can?
I realized I had self defeated myself before I even took that first step that morning,
In my opinion running is 75% mental and 25% physical and this cost me today.
When I got home Alaina was ok with missing out on the event and said there would be others. Classic, she was better with it that I was.. Figures!

The next day there was a ” Clean up the Lake” event that Alaina and I went to. She brought her friend Sydney and I invited my friend Francine.
paddle cleanup
For this event you partner up for a relay of paddle boarding/run 1.5 mile, and do some exercizes and sprint to the Finish line. Neither Francine or Sydney had done any kind of paddle boarding but Alaina and I assured them it would be fun.
The event definitely did not disappoint. The paddle portion was one person sits in front of you on the board while you paddled to the buoy and back. Once back you switch with the other person does it. (It is HEAVY to paddle with a person in front of you sitting on the board.) THEN you run a mile right after both laps are completed of paddling. THEN.. you do two sets of push ups/squats plus short sprints then back to the finish. All with your partner. It was a lot of fun.
The girls took no shortcuts they did everything and gave 110% did I mention Alaina forgot her tennis shoes and had to do it barefoot?! Oh vey! and Sydney and a small asthma attack on the run. WOW!
Those girls! Given all of that we all Finished Strong and with Smiles!
Cant ask for more than that on a Sunday afternoon.
fun times

Lessons learned this weekend: Don’t let self defeat get you down, you have to push forward. What did I learn from Sydney and Francine this weekend? You are Stronger than you Think!!