Not letting a bad run shake your confidence

Saturday morning I went out for a 12 mile with the local Varsity running group. Some were running 9,12 and 17 that morning. Since I had ran 10 last weekend 12 sounded good to me. I got there on time physically but mentally I was a bit off. Part of me was at home thinking about activities with my daughter for the weekend. I was feeling a bit guilty because there was a Juvenile Diabetes walk going on that Alaina mentioned to me last minute she wanted to participate in. Aaaack! mommy guilt set in. Should I postpone my run til Sunday? but we already had plans for that day and I was going to need my rest. I didn’t know anyone at the walk I could leave her with that early so I made the decision for her not to do the event and I went for my run. Guilt..Guilt.. Guilt… I started off strong but doing so I wasn’t in the right group for the 12 milers and of course me with my bad directional sense I got lost. Once again I ended up doing my run solo just hoping I would find my way back to my car. 7, 8 miles ticked by and I was getting tired. My shin splints were doing fine but that morning I woke up with tendinitis in my left foot and by that point that’s all that I was feeling. I struggled to get 10.5 in and called it a day. Again guilt..Would I have had a better run to wait til Sunday? Why do we question ourselves over every little detail? Why as moms do we feel so guilty when we try to arrange our schedules the best we can?
I realized I had self defeated myself before I even took that first step that morning,
In my opinion running is 75% mental and 25% physical and this cost me today.
When I got home Alaina was ok with missing out on the event and said there would be others. Classic, she was better with it that I was.. Figures!

The next day there was a ” Clean up the Lake” event that Alaina and I went to. She brought her friend Sydney and I invited my friend Francine.
paddle cleanup
For this event you partner up for a relay of paddle boarding/run 1.5 mile, and do some exercizes and sprint to the Finish line. Neither Francine or Sydney had done any kind of paddle boarding but Alaina and I assured them it would be fun.
The event definitely did not disappoint. The paddle portion was one person sits in front of you on the board while you paddled to the buoy and back. Once back you switch with the other person does it. (It is HEAVY to paddle with a person in front of you sitting on the board.) THEN you run a mile right after both laps are completed of paddling. THEN.. you do two sets of push ups/squats plus short sprints then back to the finish. All with your partner. It was a lot of fun.
The girls took no shortcuts they did everything and gave 110% did I mention Alaina forgot her tennis shoes and had to do it barefoot?! Oh vey! and Sydney and a small asthma attack on the run. WOW!
Those girls! Given all of that we all Finished Strong and with Smiles!
Cant ask for more than that on a Sunday afternoon.
fun times

Lessons learned this weekend: Don’t let self defeat get you down, you have to push forward. What did I learn from Sydney and Francine this weekend? You are Stronger than you Think!!


3 thoughts on “Not letting a bad run shake your confidence

  1. Great post Nicole! I had a very disheartening run this weekend, but found the positives in it and made them the highlight…you are correct – running is WAY more mental than physical, because the body cannot achieve what the mind doesn’t believe!

  2. That sounds like so much fun!! And yes, I’ve also had to continue to learn to push through, that we are often stronger than we think!

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