Full training is like learning how to run all over again

Not that I am complaining don’t get me wrong. Fortunately I like learning new things and researching which #roadto26.2 is just that. I’ll break it down for you.

Compression: Due to added mileage your body swells. For faster recovery and injury prevention compression wear is highly recommended. You must measure your calfs and go to the store and try a few different brands on to see what you like. Zensahs are a bit thin but great for a warm day. If its a bit cooler out and you like a more snug fit I have found the CEP brand work great. Compression Calf sleeves are good for during your run or while your walking around afterwards. Compression “socks” are great to sleep in after your long run. Dont make the mistake of sleeping in Calf “sleeves” or you will wake up with swollen feet. (I may or may not have done this. ummmm. Trial & error is all I am saying)
Shoes & socks: Go get re-checked! Make sure your gait has not changed. Make sure the sizing of your shoes line up with the amount of running you are doing since you may have swelling in your feet. Go back twice if you have to. Me it was three times! After going up a half size in shoes, learning a new lacing technique and getting thinner socks. (Swiftwick since it has added compression) I am hoping the formula will be right. Time will tell.

ICE: Ice is not my friend but it needs to be. I want nothing more to go soak in a hot tub after a run but from what I hear this is a NO-NO. Heat does nothing for the swelling and inflammation for your body. Ice takes the swelling down. I have to get better at using ice as soon as I am done with my long runs. This is a must for recovery and aids with injuries.

I am not a polar bear!

I am not a polar bear!

Nutrition: I have not yet gotten to the 20 mile mark on my running so Gu, beans etc I am still experimenting with but the key is not to wait til there is no gas left in the tank. Take an aid about 20 minutes before you need it and make sure you are hydrating along the way with a mix of water and Gatorade. You will be more hungry when you are increasing your mileage. Try to eat as healthy as possible. What you are eating and drinking is FUEL for your engine. Thinking of it that way. I am personally bad about this. When I first started running I dropped a dress size easy. Now I seem to be eating the calories I burn and the scale is not budging. (womp..womp) You know what they say: “Burn more than you eat to create a deficit”. You know this but that extra slice of pizza seems to be calling your name “EAT ME!” and you think to yourself “well, I did run 8 miles today”. You have to walk away and grab some veggies or fruit instead. Case Closed.

I have the "Rungry's"!!!

I have the “Rungry’s”!!!

Time: Marathon training is a huge commitment. With 81 days to go I just received my suggested training schedule from a friend and since I bumped up my run last weekend to 15 miles in 2hrs:33min I am doing ok at this point. BUT I realized I must increase my mileage during the week which means an extra hour of running on a week night. You have to build weekly mileage. This makes your legs stronger and builds endurance overall.

Lastly “stretch-roll-repeat”: This is a daily regimen that you must not skip. Look up some strengthening excersizes and work them in daily. It will help you in the long run. (pun intended!)

You learn by doing and finding what works for you. Your feet, your hips, your body mechanics. How it all works together. The elites have numerous coaches to help them but if you are like me your aids are the internet and running buddies. Record what you are doing and eventually the pieces of the puzzle will fit. Learning how to adapt to the longer runs is a journey but it will pay off.


Do you have thoughts to add or suggestions to make? Let me hear them ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Full training is like learning how to run all over again

  1. I did a lot of “self-coaching” back when I started (that sounds so long ago, it’s hasn’t been a year yet ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and I created my own training plan for the half – a crash plan that covered the bare six weeks between winning the race entry and the actual event – which is still my PR at that distance ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    When I registered for the Houston Marathon, they included the option of runcoach.com at half price, and I went with it. You input your running history (all I had to do was sync 6 months of Nike+ data) and it tailors a plan to hit your race goal – I selected “4:00:00 finish” – and it constantly updates as you log workouts, so you avoid over- or under- training. The staff of coaches is also responsive to questions – there is live chat at certain times, or you can leave an email message that gets a reply within 12 hours, pretty cool! I believe I will stay with this coaching tool even after January, it’s only $50 a year – wish a lot of other running-related stuff was that good a value!

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