5th Annual Middendorf’s Manchac 10 Mile Recap

As Francine and I parked we saw a glimpse of the bridge by the Start/Finish sign. “We are supposed to run up ‘THAT’, we thought to ourselves”. It was a foggy morning and it almost made it look like once you get up there you drop off.

A foggy start to our race morning.

A foggy start to our race morning.

We got there right before 7am when packet pickup opened which went super quick. There were no Finisher medals for the race but you did get a nice red, dry wick shirt and complimentary catfish dinners were to be served to all of the runners. There was beer on tap (Bud Light and Michelob Ultra) which always draws a line and today this was no exception, even though most of the apprx 650 runners finished the race before 10am.
I 'personally' did not care for the catfish but The coleslaw was quite good.

I ‘personally’ did not care for the catfish but the coleslaw was quite good.

A "before" shot since I knew we would be a sweaty mess after the race.

A “before” shot since I knew we would be a sweaty mess after the race.

Before the 8am start a few friends and I did a light jog up the incline and back. (Partially to conquer our fear. Ok “my” fear.) The 10 mile course was an out and back on US Highway 51. There was very little race support on the streets only manned water stations which there were plenty and very appreciated. The sun never came out during the race and since it was a humid morning that was probably for the best. This was a Louisiana RRCA 10 Mile State Championship race so the fast runners were gone before we were even halfway up the bridge at the Start. I kept a steady pace for the majority of the race and finished with a time of 1hr: 37min per my Garmin (I may or may not had Britney Spears song “Work #” on repeat during miles 7 & 8 to get me through lol!!). This race was great to fit into my training and since I have ran the Goldenfliers race in Baton Rouge for the past two years in a row it was a welcome change. The roads were smooth and the bridge was more of a struggle at the Finish but I felt more confident that I conquered it with my IT Band intact!
All smiles! We did it!!

All smiles! We did it!!

A funny pic at the dock with a view of the bridge in the background!

A fun pic at the dock with a view of the bridge in the background!

It was a great morning with friends with a race thrown in.
I would definetly do it again with this group!

Since I mentioned the race shirt thought I would thrown in a pic. My post race tradition is always to wear it the afternoon of a race after I get cleaned up and today was no different!

I may not have PR’d today but I did cross off a personal goal for 2013 early. Last year I ran 299.5 miles so this year I made the goal to run 500 miles. With today’s race I completed it at 505 miles and it felt great! The next day I still had gas in the tank so I went for a 4.5 mile recovery run at the LSU Lakes. I hope to keep pushing farther and stronger. #roadto26.2

For race stats and others in the area check out http://www.nolarunning.com/

How are you coming along on your 2013 goals?


6 thoughts on “5th Annual Middendorf’s Manchac 10 Mile Recap

  1. Honestly, I’m kinda shocked you’re just now reaching 500 miles. You seem to put in a lot of mileage each week so I would’ve thought you would beyond that number. Congrats on reaching that goal!

    We have such flat roads here in BR, bridges kill us!

    My exercise related goal was met, Rocketchix! 🙂

    • You were a Star at Rocketchix!!!
      I just up’d my mileage in August to start training for the Full then I got injured which took me down another 4 weeks. So I haven’t been at the 20-24 average miles a week long. Before August I was putting in an average of 8-12 miles weekly with only running once on the week and once during the week. I was told with Marathon training you HAVE to up your mileage to 20-25 and run at least 3-4x a week. ( Even recommended for “Half” Marathon training” I had to drop Spin class and other activities to fit the running in. Its been an adjustment for sure! I do recommend you and the BGR ladies to do Middendorfs next year. The roads were smooth/flat which was nice compared to the unevenness around the lakes for Goldenfliers. The bridge was just enough of a challenge to make it interesting.

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