Crunch time… long runs ahead #roadto26.2

This weekend I have my farthest run yet 16 miles. I am not worried. I have done 15 a couple of times. I am however still having a minor issue with my left foot swelling and knots in my IT band. I am stretching daily and scheduled a couple massages around my long runs coming up the next few weeks. I am following my training plan by getting in my weekly runs. There are some local races coming up that I desperately wanted to do but I realized I must get the consecutive miles in. I must stay focused training for the Marathon. It won’t do me as good to break up my runs even on the same day. Especially since I am only getting one long run in before the Full.

Christmas is next week. What did I ask from Santa?

I started getting a bit nervous recently because this week begins the toughest part of my training. I have 16,18 and 22 mile runs coming up these next few weeks before my 1st Marathon on 2-2-14. I have gotten some fantastic advice and support from my running family on Facebook and Twitter:
twitter sb

I feel very fortunate to have this support. I even lined up a running buddy for my 18 and 20 miler which instantly made me breathe a bit easier knowing I wont be solo for these. I will have someone there to keep pushing me to get the miles in.

Lastly I found some awesome motivation I thought I would share:
how far

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season with your family.
Much love and happiness to you all.


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