Trust in the training #roadto26.2

This week was a good week. Monday I ran 4 miles and Wednesday I ran 9. This weekend called for my farthest run yet 18 miles. I was a bit nervous even though I had run 16 miles last weekend with the Varsity group. I had struggled to finish that last mile with very little gas left in the tank. (I finished 16.3 miles in 2hr:52 min 10:34 average pace)
The weather this morning was perfect which was a great sign. 42degrees, 3mph winds, light fog. I remembered everything for my prep: compression pants, calf sleeves, Arnica tablets, Biofreeze. I ate my slice of wheat bread with honey. I was ready! My friend Ken agreed to be my running partner for the morning and even got a head start by setting up a water stop plus he mapped out our route which fortunately included a view of the Mississippi bridge on Nicholson and a stop at Mike the Tiger’s cage by Tiger Stadium (Yes, I got to see him. Sorry no pic. I don’t run with my phone). We started right around 6:10am. He coached me to start slow since I have a tendency to burn out halfway into my races by going out too fast. The miles went by pretty quickly. I took a Gu at mile 4,8,12 and 16 apprx. At mile 17 Ken left me so he could do his 22 mile goal since he knew I had 18 in the bag at that point. In fact I felt pretty good so I decided to push it to 20. I just really wanted to see that “20” on my Garmin and be a part of the “20 miler club”. In fact looking at my splits below I actually finished those last three miles the fastest overall and the last mile was the best. What a surprise!
Ken met up with me for stretching and shared in my excitement plus he met his goal as well. Time for breakfast to celebrate we were RUNGRY! Pancakes and coffee were needed badly to replenish those 2000+ apprx calories burned. Fortunately Louie’s Cafe did not disappoint. (Again sorry no food porn pic, I was starved for some banana pancakes which are my favorite. They didn’t stand a chance)

Getting to that 20 mile mark was a huge boost in my self-confidence for my first Full in 35 days. I definitely feel more prepared now. Next weekend’s long run takes a step down to 14 miles. The weekend after I have my 22 with my pal Jennifer at Tammany Trace in Mandeville. After today’s run I feel like it’s doable and I should be good. The next couple of days will definitely call for icing, stretching and yes back to running with a shakeout run to start it off but for right now I am basking in my runner’s glow thinking anything is possible.

Total Time: 3:29:53 Distance: 20.00 Avg Pace: 10:30
Mile Splits:
1: 11:09 Avg Pace
2: 11:02 Avg Pace
3: 10:45 Avg Pace
4: 10:34 Avg Pace
5: 10:39 Avg Pace
6: 10:22 Avg Pace
7: 10:27 Avg Pace
8: 10:42 Avg Pace
9: 10:31 Avg Pace
10: 10:26 Avg Pace
11: 10:28 Avg Pace
12: 10:40 Avg Pace
13: 10:26 Avg Pace
14: 10:29 Avg Pace
15: 10:21 Avg Pace
16: 10:34 Avg Pace
17: 10:16 Avg Pace
18: 10:01 Avg Pace
19: 10:05 Avg Pace
20: 9:55 Avg Pace

Feeling Accomplished!

Feeling Accomplished! Disclaimer: watched was paused for water breaks


9 thoughts on “Trust in the training #roadto26.2

  1. Ken, nice coaching to get Nicole to finish strong. Nicole, Training is coming along very nice. Great attitude in your training. Always happy to see a runner look at long runs as fun than a chore. Training with Ken and Jen is really going to help you. Pick their brains about marathon experiences.

    • Thanks Coach. Louisiana will be Ken’s first Full but I am hoping his focus/determination will rub off on me.He was a HUGE help Sunday. I am definetly looking forward to running with Jen on 1/11/14. I wrote this particular post to recap this run to reflect on what worked and to learn from it. Its is now the day after and I can still walk so I am doing good so far 🙂

  2. We have similar PR times, although I haven’t ran a marathon yet. You inspire me! Thank you so much and welcome to team GGS! I also hope to someday call myself a Fitfluential ambassador and a Running Blogger 🙂

  3. Awesome splits! We are the same training pace. Too bad we don’t live closer! I’m 8 weeks away from my first marathon. Good luck to you in your training. I hit the “follow” button so I can’t wait to see what lies ahead of 20 miles!

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