How will you start off 2014?

Some people make “Resolutions” I will lose 10 pounds, I will get back into the gym, I will start CrossFit etc.
Some people set “Goals” for themselves: I will run a Half or Full Marathon, I will set a PR, I will do a Triathlon this year etc.
I used to make Resolutions and Goals but now I am at a point I feel where I am where I need to be. To be honest Resolutions and Goals didn’t get me there it was my Will, Focus, Determination and Support of Others. The key is to not look backwards but to look forward. You know what needs to be done to better yourself inside and out. Get it on paper, set a deadline and go after it. Reward yourself along the way and be proud. You are better than you were yesterday.
So you didn’t start yesterday you can start right now. You got this.

How will you Claim 2014?


3 thoughts on “How will you start off 2014?

  1. Nice. Resolutions are a bit overplayed.
    All people need to do is start, something, anything. Make some mistakes, figure it out and start again.
    Never stop moving forward!

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