Final thoughts leading up to #roadto26.2

With a big sigh of relief I can say “Training is officially done”.
Today I plan to do some ab work at home and lots of stretching.

Sunday morning I ran a good 8 miles and while everything was fresh in my head as far as race prep and gear I went ahead and packed that afternoon. I also made my list of last minute to-do’s such as to pack my bread/honey, cell phone charger, rolling stick etc. I got some clothes options together for my first Full.
Race Gear Prep

Tuesday I got in 4 miles which would be my last since this morning I woke up with tired, achy legs. They simply have had enough. Time for them to rest since they have a lot of work to do soon. The weather stalking has officially begun and I hate to say it but it’s not looking that good.
Every time I look at its different. Right now it’s looking like 40% chance rain and 66 degrees for the high. Not exactly what I trained for. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Rain will NOT make me a happy runner!

Rain will NOT make me a happy runner!

I did get some awesome news. Competitor announced yesterday Deena Kastor, will compete in her first race of 2014 on Feb. 2 at the 5th annual Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. She will be running the Half plus she will be speaking at the Expo this Saturday. I MUST meet her. I am beyond excited to hear this surprise announcement just day after RNR announced they were bringing back their Elite program.
For more on this announcement and who Deena Kastor is:

Then it got better! I was chatting online with my friend Karen about possibly running with the Louisiana Running Company pace group. I was thinking about falling right behind the 4:30 group (though that may be ambitious and I have never ran with a pace group). Anything under a sub 5hr finish I will be happy with but a 4:40-4:45 will be even better. My friend Karen who is also running the Full messaged me “Let’s do the 4:30 together!!!!”. Ummmmm nerves set in. Karen runs a bit faster than me but I know for her long runs she turns it down a bit. I think this will be her 5th Full and she is definitely familiar with the #RNRNOLA course since she has run it every year so that would help. So why not! If I can’t hang the whole way I’ll just turn her loose. Runners have that mutual respect for each other. They don’t want to bring the other down. I am excited to have Karen by my side and we will work on a plan to meet up on race morning.
By the way she wrote a great post on her blog on packing for a race check it out here:

My custom shirt came in Monday afternoon from One More Mile!! The color and fit was perfect. I was over the moon excited! I also ordered some magenta Zensah calf sleeves off of Amazon that came in the same day. They matched perfect. You can’t see it too well but I am also wearing some gold #shwings on my shoes.(You can see them better in the race gear pic above) Maybe they will make me go faster? I don’t know but anything to get me to that Finish line on Sunday so I can call myself a ‘Marathoner’!

FINISH STRONG #roadto26.2

FINISH STRONG #roadto26.2

I am already anticipating a fantastic, energizing race recap blog post next week and YES there will be pictures!

Any last minute advice for me as I conquer my first Full this weekend?
BTW: I did setup Runner Tracking for Sunday’s race on my Twitter @ndeckerrunner and on my personal Facebook page so you can follow along. My personal friends are welcome to text me along the way. #roadto 26.2 winding down

Thank you for following along on this journey.

6 thoughts on “Final thoughts leading up to #roadto26.2

    • Don’t be surprised if I end up in 4:40 I am still thinking 4:30 is ambitious. I need to remember about stretching/water breaks in there.
      I’d like to run behind the 4:30 group since the next LRC pace group isn’t til 4:45

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  1. Love your shirt, excited about Deena, and I can’t wait to run with you! :0) I might not even be able to hang with the 4:30 group so we will just see how it goes! Yay see you this weekend!!

    • I’m just nervous about starting off too fast other than that I just want to Finish Strong & just Finish!! Lol!!
      Super Excited! Hope I don’t need your poncho!
      Good Times Coming!!!

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