A race morning at the Finish – Amedisys Mardi Gras Mambo 10k/15k

This past Saturday morning was like no other. The 7th Annual Amedisys Mardi Gras Mambo 10k/15k was going to be going on Downtown and this race morning I decided I wanted to go down and volunteer. My husband and daughter also came which was an added bonus.
We got there right before the kids 1 mile Mambo Fun Run started. I always love to watch the kids races. Their energy never fails to inspire me. Right after they finished crossing the start line I saw the race director Eric Engemann unwrapping the kids medals and asked him if he needed a hand and he said sure. So we went to work getting the finisher medals ready. We had to work fast. The first kid “Michael Lee -Age 13” crossed the 1 mile mark at 6min:22 seconds! Before we knew it it was time for the 10k & 15k to start which both groups would be starting together. I saw many familiar faces of running friends in the crowd. They asked why I wasn’t running and I told them I would be ‘Medal Girl’ today. I would be there to cheer for them as they crossed the Finish line. They all said they were looking forward to it. Once again we went to work getting the 10k/15k medals ready. (Fortunately we had a bit more time for this race.) The 15k medal was larger than the 10k and the bibs were different colors so it would be easy to see who needed what medal although some registered for the 15k turned off and did the 10k during the race so we would still have to ask as they finished. The weather was perfect this morning with blue skies and approx 42 degrees. Part of me wished I was out there running but I was in the next best spot especially with my family by my side.
The 1st 10k Finisher “Conor Doan” came in at 33:24 (5:23pace) WOW!
The 1st 15k Finisher ” Kevin Castille” came in at 48:34 (5:13pace) Double WOW!
To give medals to many friends and new runners was a very rewarding experience. If I wasn’t running there was no other place I would have rather have been. After a couple hours we got relieved to get a bite to eat at the after party which was just a short walk to the Belle of Baton Rouge Atrium. Most of the food was gone by that time but Jay Ducote of Bite and Booze was still serving up brisket. There were a great variety of vendors to choose from if you had gotten there just a tad earliar. As I congratulated friends and said our goodbyes my daughter told me that next year count her in for the 10k. I have to say that yes, I will be joining her as well.

For more information on this race visit: http://www.runmambo.com/
When was the last time you volunteered at a local race?


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