Aim to Stay an After

Surprise, I will be featured as a local success story in March’s issue of Louisiana’s Health and Fitness Magazine I am quite flattered by this. My weight loss story is old news but my journey to “Stay an After” is never ending. With all of the temptations around us it makes it very difficult plus I am an emotional eater which means we basically find excuses to eat whether we are bored, depressed or happy. It is something I struggle with daily. I don’t use my fitness habits as an excuse to eat I use them to keep me in check. Being aware is key. I don’t find there are many articles out there that tell the daily struggle that people go through to keeping off the weight. As with everything it really is all about balance.


Pick up a hard copy in the Greater New Orleans Area or you can read the article here:

Is this something you struggle with? Do you have a similar story to share?


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