IT Band strikes again

I last battled this in 2012 and since my Full marathon plus a muddy,challenging 4 miler run to prepare for this Saturday Trail Half Marathon its back with a vengeance.
I have been doing some research with the vast amount of posts on the internet and I went to a new sports doctor last week. Since my Trail half is within the two week window I was not a candidate for a steroid shot. He said I would need two weeks with NO running to get the shot and to start physical therapy. I have had PT before and the copays add up tremendously. I hate to say it but this one will have to be a DIY (do it yourself) recovery unless it gets worse. Even if you do PT and massage I have learned if you do not fix your weakness you will always be at risk for a reoccurence of this particular injury. It is not something you have to live with but you have to be smart about it.
Even though I probably should not be doing this weekends Trail Half (I cant even go 4 miles without being in pain) I have personal reasons as to why I can not bail out so I am going to use KT Tape on my IT Band, wear my knee brace and go Saturday at a slow pace. Even if I have to walk it my goal will just be to finish and not take myself out for the entire spring season. My daughter and step kids have even shown a recent interest in doing a small trail run so I need to be able to stay on the roads.

I recently found a great video demonstrating various hip/glute strengthening exercises. This helps greatly because I have found when you read articles on stretching and strengthening certain points get missed such as to ENGAGE your glutes,do not let your hip pivot, keep your heels together when doing the clamshell excersize etc.
Check it out here: The ITB Rehab Routine – Video Demonstration

I also found a helpful video on YouTube: Hip Openers: Yoga For Runners

Several things have me at a disadvantage such as having a desk job that all you do is sit for hours on end. This is not going to do anything to strengthen your core. Try to take daily mid day walks or utilize the stairs during a break in the day. Warm up those muscles! Watch your posture. Another good point is doing squats, lunges and dead lifts for days wont do anything unless you are engaging the correct muscle groups. Form is everything! Just when you think you are doing everything you can do (foam rolling, icing, cross training) yet again I have learned I have lots to learn. It is quite frustrating but once again I have another finish line to cross this weekend run, walk or crawl!

Q50 Start & Finish Line at Bogue Chitto State Park

Q50 Start & Finish Line at Bogue Chitto State Park this Saturday. Ready for an adventure in the woods.

Wish me luck and feel free to add any advice you may have.


6 thoughts on “IT Band strikes again

  1. Get this weekend behind you. Then recover to 100%. Otherwise, like you said it will linger. I dealt with it back in 2010… my solution was to take a couple weeks off, then start all over building strength. That meant running 1 mile. Felt good. Now ice, stretch, roll. Then a few days later, go 2 miles. Ice, stretch, roll. Then next week go for 3, etc. Next week, so 5, etc. It’s a LONG rebuilding process that worked for me. While you are resting, work on building strength.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your advice on what worked for you. I will do this exactly it’s perfect timing. I don’t have any Halfs planned after this weekend anytime soon so I can scale it back. Thank you so much. I just have to get through Saturday to not injure myself more 😉

  2. UGH STUPID (SH)IT BAND! Get through the race and then recover, recover, recover so you can enjoy all the spring and summer miles your heart desires.

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