Change is Good!

Last Saturday morning I headed out to Prep Fitness for a Bootcamp class led by Drexel and Daurie. Drexel was doing personal coaching at my gym and recently opened up his own place so I jumped at the opportunity to check it out. I was very impressed by the setup.
His workout moves reminds me of what football players do with heavy concentration on Strengthening so I was completely on board. Since it was a small session joined by just two other ladies I asked both of them to watch my form since I have been having issues with my glutes and hip flexors. For example on Planks I tend to let my hips dip and they made sure to watch me to keep them up since form is crucial. This one hour class had us on our toes with high intensity station workouts. I enjoyed this because you were constantly doing something different. (A whole new meaning to muscle confusion lol) They did a good job with personal instruction as well and modifications when needed. I was definitely worn out after the hour was up and a good soreness set in later so I knew I gave it all on this workout. I can’t wait to go back.
Drexel 1

This weekend I get to try out TREAD a 1 hour small group interval training class with a combination of treadmill based cardio, strength training and Pilates core exercises to provide a total body workout. After that I want to give their “CAMOTREAD” class a try. A bootcamp class with military style strength drills and treadmill based cardio. This one will definitely be up my alley.

Don’t be afraid to change it up and try something new.
What do you do to change up your workout routine?


One thought on “Change is Good!

  1. I’m nervous to change things up since I got injured during a TRX class. My old body needs more routine stuff or maybe I just need to go at things will less determination on my first try at a new class or workout!

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