Runner Humor

We have our own gear, clothing, language, (Fartleks or Yasso 800’s any one?) of course we have our own humor. Sayings or pictures that we only find funny while our non-running friends are like “huh?”
Running can be stressful. We worry about stomach issues, injury prevention, nasal allergies, PR’s, coordinating family schedules so you can log a few miles in, so of course when a funny image or video comes across we jump at the chance for a mental break.

So enjoy your coffee or stretching break for a few running funnies:


Two of my favorites videos guaranteed to make you laugh out loud:
8 Stages of Marathon Running:
Don’t Be That Awkward Runner:

Even Women’s Running Magazine could relate 🙂

What makes you laugh? How do you de-stress?

Great times with Great friends at CCC10k

I wasn’t planning on writing a recap for Crescent City Classic 10k before my vacation but it was such a great day that I wanted to share a few details.
I rode down with my frunner friend (fun-running-friend) Jennifer Zenuch and her family. we parked at Delgado and rode the shuttle in to the start right at 7:30am (race started at 8am). The weather was perfect. About 58 degrees and sunny but we knew it was going to warm up fast. We met up with fellow bloggers Heather Montgomery and Larisa Dixon who SUPRISE will be my relay part for “Team Tag Your It” at the Ironman 70.3 Relay on 9-28-14. I was thrilled to meet her though she reminded me we had met once before at the Woman’s Half race back in December of 2012. (Wow,some memory)

Lookie!! It's my relay partner for IM 70.3 Augusta. Woohoo Larisa!!!!!

Lookie!! It’s my relay partner for IM 70.3 Augusta. Woohoo Larisa!!!!!

My frunner friend Jen. I always have a good time with her 🙂 We are showing some Dirty South Running love with our shirts and of course some “Sparkle” with our skirts!.

We took a few pictures before the race start and headed to our corals. I had trouble finding the Red corral but found the flag right before the start. I noticed that a lot of runners of all different groups were mixed up which was warning sign #1. With a race estimated at 26k runners (the largest road race in Louisiana) it really is important to line up correctly by the time you estimate to finish the race. In my coral I noticed I was right next to Mindy Bobe another blogger friend whom I met before. This race drew everyone in. How fun!
Roadrunner Girl !!! It's been too long!!

Roadrunner Girl !!! It’s been too long!!

We would meet up for an after pic in the VIP area with Larisa. I crossed the Start line at about 8:12am and down Poydras we went for a spectacular 6.2 miles. The last time I ran these streets was Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans and it was so foggy you couldn’t see a thing so I was relieved for clear skies today. The streets was very congested as expected with all the runners. There was some road debris that you had to be careful of but the biggest hazards were the runners themselves. Some would stop immediately in front of you rather than going to the side of the race or would be talking on their phones. (Seriously, what the?!)
Again I am sorry but if it will be a casual stroll PLEASE line up to the back. I am not an elite or 7min mile runner by any means but this slowed me down tremendously. Next time I wont line up late to my coral and possibly re-evaluate to be closer up. None the less it was a great morning and the course was well marked with lots of New Orleans landmarks on the paths as well as plenty of water stations. Towards the end of mile 2 I got out my phone and decided to have fun and take a few pics along the way.
Of course I had to stop & take a pic with the Easter Bunny right past Mile 3 :)

Of course I had to stop & take a pic with the Easter Bunny right past Mile 3 🙂

Quick Selfie with Cesar the Race Director of Q50 at Mile4. Thanks Cesar, Suzanne & Stephen for spending your morning handing out water to the runners. You all are awesome. Volunteers Rock!

Quick Selfie with Cesar the Race Director of Q50 at Mile4. Thanks Cesar, Suzanne & Stephen for spending your morning handing out water to the runners. You all are awesome. Volunteers Rock!

Mile 5 with the Saints mascots and look its  George Melichar to the left. Marathoner, Team Refuel athlete for Got Chocolate Milk, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Ambassador.

Mile 5 with the Saints mascots and look its George Melichar to the left. Marathoner, Team Refuel athlete for Got Chocolate Milk, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Ambassador.

Even with all the stops my official time was 1:04 which wasn’t bad considering I didn’t train for this race and signed up just a week ago with my free entry thanks to Eat Fit NOLA. I knew it wasn’t going to be a PR day. There is always next year. Top 500 for the coveted race posters has some pretty stiff competition I have to admit. Based on this years numbers for the Women you have to run it under a 8:40 pace/53 min and the Men under a 7:05pace/43min. Amazing!

The 2014 Michelob Ultra RaceFest was held just a short walk from the Finish at the Practice Track in City Park. Lot’s of vendors but I have to say my favorite was the Louisiana Marathon tent.

A Race Director that can serve up a mean bloody mary? SCORE!! Thanks Craig Sweeney

A Race Director that can serve up a mean bloody mary? SCORE!! Thanks Craig Sweeney

and let’s not forget the Costumes!!
My friend Tara. Race Director/Founder for Dirty South Running

My friend Tara. Race Director for Dirty South Running

After pic with the blogger group. Melanie, Jewel, Larisa, Jennifer, Mindy, Heather, Holly. Don't tick off these ladies lol!

After pic with the blogger group. Melanie, Jewel, Larisa, Jennifer, Mindy, Heather, Holly. Don’t tick off these ladies lol!

Next year I may have a chance to be part of the Social Media team for Crescent City Classic 10k which would be fun. We shall see.

Can you spy me?

Can you spy me?! More Memories Made which always makes race day more special. PR’s aren’t everything. Great times with Great friends. Thank you all!!!!!!

For more Race Details on Crescent City Classic 10k check out there website and Facebook page:

Until then I must pack for my trip to Tennessee and let’s not forgot about the Boston Marathon tomorrow. I am sure I will be on Facebook checking updates from people I know running it during my 10 hour drive. #BostonStrong

On Vacation but until then lets play a game “Name my Blog”

For the next week I get to be in Nature. ( Smoky Mountains Tennessee ) =Happy Girl

Tomorrow I will be running the Crescent City Classic 10k with several thousand friends then next week I get to be in Nature. ( Smoky Mountains Tennessee ) =Happy Girl

Yes, I am a Mountains girl over the Beach. I can not wait to a visit a place with my family that has been on my ‘list’ for quite sometime. Gatlinburg, Tennessee. ROAD TRIP!

While I am gone I would like to pick your brain.
Currently my blog is on WordPress and it will stay on WordPress but I would like to secure a domain name to host.

So right now I have it simply as:
Since my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is ALL listed as ndeckerrunner I can take off the ‘WordPress’ on the name and simply leave it as for ease of searching or I can be a bit more creative.

Two names I have liked for awhile are:
Don’t Think, Just Go (or) A Journey to a Healthier ME
I checked and all three domains are available.

I “think” with WordPress I can still keep all my previous blog posts with the change and the links will auto re-direct. (I am a newbie forgive me and please correct me if I am wrong. This is the main reason I have not made the change already.)

Since you follow my blog I would LOVE your suggestions on the name.
Last question: Would you like to see giveaways, sponsor posts on my blog? or keep it personal as I have it currently?

Thank you!! 🙂

It’s that time again Crescent City Classic 10k

Per the Experience New Orleans website there are a few changes this year:
• More security and bag checks.
• Every group will start in a fenced-in corral.
• The top 500 fastest men AND women will receive a commemorative print.
• There will be more runners this year than last year. (26k estimated)
• You will see people running for charity.
• More Food Trucks, drinks, music and larger Fun Zone for the kids.

This race started in 1979 with 902 participants, the Crescent City Classic has long been a New Orleans tradition. It was even featured recently in Runner’s World magazine.
Runner's World March 2014 CCC10k
This race course runs you right through the best of New Orleans, including the historical Jackson Square,tree-lined Esplanade Avenue and a finish at the beautiful City Park.
This will be the race’s 36th year and is only getting bigger every year.

Thanks to Eat Fit NOLA’s Fit Find Giveaway of the Week I will be joining the thousands of runners this Saturday morning.

You can read my race recap from last year’s experience here.
It’s not too late to sign up. If you missed online registration you can still sign up at the Expo and join the fun this weekend! For more on this race check out their website.

What races have you ran in New Orleans? Which are your favorite?

Faint of Heart 4 Miler with Forge Racing

An adventure in the woods doesn’t even begin to describe this trail run at Clark Creek in Woodville,MS this past Saturday morning. I promised my daughter and stepkids a fun,challenging,scenic experience for them to get up early so we could make the 90min drive out and the fellas with Forge did not disappoint.
We arrived early to give us plenty of time to prep but all you needed was a water bottle, trail shoes and a good attitude for what is in store. A quick race meeting for the 70+ runners and a unicorn bell led the runners off (along with the trail of skittles on the ground).

Pre-race meeting

Pre-race meeting

This trail has a elevation gain/loss of nearly 2000 feet so the key was definitely to go at your own pace. There would be mud,creeks and plenty of hills to climb that made you feel like a kid again. Along with that was the sound of waterfalls in the distance which kept you pushing forward to find the next one in the distance.
I hung back with my daughter Alaina since this was a very challenging course for her as my older ones took the lead. The course was well marked and led the way well.
Alaina still trucking along.

Alaina still trucking along.

Very scenic course

Very scenic course

In the distance I could hear other runners as everyone was having a good time. It took us right at 2 hours to enjoy the nature filled route. Afterwards there was several choices of homebrew beer to choose from as well as corndogs, chips and a huge Strawberry birthday cake for Bobby one of the racers. Jeffrey Beck with Forge presented the awards for top 3 and gave out some fun raffle prizes then we headed home in desperate need of showers. Fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning.

When was the last time you did a race that made you feel like a kid again?

For more on Forge Racing see their website.
For more pictures and even a video from the race start of this race check them out on Facebook.

Finally got to do a Forge race. (Check) *This pic was "before" the race started because I clearly was not this clean and fresh afterwards lol!)

Finally got to do a Forge race. (Check)
This pic was “before” the race started because I clearly was not this clean and fresh afterwards lol!)

Short and Sweet


I would rather be flawed than viewed as perfection any day of the week.
It’s just not me. Like me for who I am.
I don’t pretend to have all the answers.
I am constantly seeking advice and learning from others but isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing?
I learn from my mistakes in life (and there has been many) and it has made me a stronger person because of it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or you will miss out on part of your journey.


How relay team ‘Tag Your It’ was born #im703Augusta 172 days!

This past weekend I was checking out the posts from the Galveston,TX 70.3 race and I was truly inspired. So much so I put a post on Facebook and much to my surprise it got a ton of feedback quick!!!
When I put it out there I truly felt like the kid in baseball that would be picked for the team last. Would anyone want to be my partner for a relay? SCORE! Several people piped up. I was thrilled beyond words.

Quickly it was between Ironman 70.3 in Augusta, GA on 9-28-14 or Austin, TX on 10-26-14.
I pulled the elevation chart for both races to see how it was for the run and hands down Augusta was MUCH flatter than Austin. For Augusta the bike is rolling hills with views of both Georgia and South Carolina. The swim is down river (fast) and the run is flat with spectators everywhere. Austin is 7 hours away and Augusta is 10 hours away. Which one would we choose?

Larisa Dixon a blogger in Alabama from Zero to Twenty Six Point Two quickly said she would be our swimmer. She was already training for her first solo 70.3 for New Orleans in 2015 so this would be great training for her. She has never done a Triathlon relay but has done a couple running ones and has 9 years experience on a national swim team. Laura Melder from Baton Rouge a runner that I have seen at a few local races quickly chimed in to be our biker. She has a specialized Dolce road bike. Laura has never done a bike race before but she said she would train like a mad woman during the summer so I was sold on her. I am not looking to place at this race since I believe on the IM 70.3 Relays there are no age group awards it is just Top 3 overall. I am just looking for a great experience. A relay has been on my “list” for a while now and what better one to do than at a 70.3 event! Plus I think it would be fun to be part of a team and make some new friends in the process.

After getting a bit more feedback and checking with hubby Augusta was the better fit.
Next, in order to register we had to pick a team captain which Larisa said I could take on so the next task was to pick a team name.
Suggestions I came up with: Scrambled Legs, Tag You’re It, Wind Kickers, Apple Bottomed Dreamers, You had me at Medal, Life is one big transition, Liquid Awesome, Wind at our backs, Team Awesome, Team, Hi my name is,

Everyone liked “Tag Your It” so within minutes it was done. (I like these girls)
The Active website only gave you 15 minutes to register so I had to quickly collect everyones info and on the second attempt our team was created and we were registered!
Next is to research and get tips like crazy (which hello, have you met me I LOVE that part!)
I found information on each leg of the race for Augusta as well as the FAQ for which had info on the Relay.

I have several friends that have done 70.3 events and full Ironmans but none that has done a Relay as of yet so if YOU have any tips please post under comments on this post. Until then I will look online to find race recaps. I find those helpful but of course they all vary based on their own personal experience, location, weather conditions etc.

Coincidentally my friend Jennifer Zenuch posted on her blog Monday (the same day this idea was born) “Do Something that Scares you”. Well I think this qualifies!! Training through the heat of the summer for a race that you have to travel 10 hours for, to a place you have never been, with people you barely know. um yeah!

What have you done lately that was a bit out of your element?

Ironman 70.3 Augusta 172 days! Let the countdown begin! 9-28-14

Let the countdown begin! My 1st Relay Event in 172 days !! Ironman 70.3 Augusta, GA 9-28-14

Next up: FORGE Racing’s Faint of Heart Unicorn 4-miler trail run this Saturday morning in Woodville, MS. It will have an elevation gain and loss of 1700 feet!!! Can you say YIKES!! I am bringing a couple of the kids to this one. They will like the change in scenery (4 waterfalls, creeks, hills) It is going to be scenic and challenging. You can guarantee a recap next week on the blog 🙂