Runner Humor

We have our own gear, clothing, language, (Fartleks or Yasso 800’s any one?) of course we have our own humor. Sayings or pictures that we only find funny while our non-running friends are like “huh?”
Running can be stressful. We worry about stomach issues, injury prevention, nasal allergies, PR’s, coordinating family schedules so you can log a few miles in, so of course when a funny image or video comes across we jump at the chance for a mental break.

So enjoy your coffee or stretching break for a few running funnies:


Two of my favorites videos guaranteed to make you laugh out loud:
8 Stages of Marathon Running:
Don’t Be That Awkward Runner:

Even Women’s Running Magazine could relate 🙂

What makes you laugh? How do you de-stress?


6 thoughts on “Runner Humor

  1. I can relate to all of them…Ha!…except the haphazard medals. Mine are proudly displayed on a custom medal display from Iron Sport Works. I love looking at it and seeing all I’ve accomplished.

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