Training mode has begun

As I mentioned before I am committed to doing my first Relay experience in Augusta on 9-28-14. So I needed to start a schedule for training. I was not planning on running over 10 miles a week during the summer due to the heat but staying in Half Marathon shape means running 3-4 times a week with a total weekly mileage of 15-25 miles. My weight needs to come down a smidge too so I am happy to say there has been no beer or Coke Zero in my fridge for the past three weeks. This was hard. I am not an alcoholic by any means but after a stressful work day or with certain meals I do like a cold Coors Light, call me crazy. It has been hard not to stop at the store on the way and home to pick up a six pack of either beverage. The struggle is real!! Now if hubby and I go out for dinner for a date night here and there then YES I will spluge so its not out completely just not an every other day kind of thing, so I call it progress. Not having these drinks at home readily accessible also helps me not snack on junk food alongside of them.

Another change is I am now using the free app Calorie Tracker LITE by LIVESTRONG. It is pretty handy. You enter your calories and weight target, then enter your food and exercise and it tells you how many calories you have left for the day. Think of it more as accountability. Plus it even shows your breakdown of Carbs, Protein and Fat for the day. So this is where I was Sunday after dinner.

Full disclosure (YIKES) I feel like I am naked showing my current weight. I would like to get down to 128 (ideal weight would be 125) but every pound closer to target weight I will be happy with.

Full disclosure (YIKES) I feel like I am naked showing my current weight. I would like to get back down to 128 (ideal weight would be 125) but every pound closer to target weight I will be happy with.

It may look like I have a ton of calories left for the day but its just because I ran 7 miles that morning. I wont actually eat another 781 for the day but on rest days this definitely helps to keep me in check!!!  (Especially with snacking)

I am also using my Runner’s Log app again. It’s nice to see that I am logging regular runs again. (3x a week) My weekly average mileage is back to 18 which is good.  (I am still cross training and working on strengthening my hip flexors to keep my IT band healthy since this is where I am weak)  Saturday morning I even threw in some much needed track and stadium work.

That's me on the right

(That’s me on the right)

To help with motivation I updated my playlist with a few songs:

  • Numb by August Alsina
  • Partition by Beyonce
  • Started from the Bottom by Drake
  • Survival by Eminem
  • Fever for the Flava by RockMyRun

Lately I have mentioned how it is difficult to balance running in my life but my run this week reminded me of all of the benefits:

  • Stress relieving
  • More energy
  • Sleep better
  • Make better food choices
  • I get to think out problems or have moments of clarity when I am out running
  • All around happier

What do you have on your summer agenda for races or training?
Do you struggle with weight fluctuations? How do you keep yourself in check?


8 thoughts on “Training mode has begun

    • Yes, Dutchtown High School on Hwy 73. Since my daughter will be going to school there starting in August I will probably be a regular there lol! I hear that all the Public schools in the area is “suppose” to remain open. A friend recently told me the Woodlawn High School track on Antioch is a good place to go also. Sometimes I forget that the track is an option since I am so used to going to the gym or on the roads. It is good to change it up a bit.

      • Baton Rouge High used to be open, but once the new school was built and opened it hasn’t been. We’ve used Broadmoor HS in the past. I need to schedule a track day for the running group to change it up.

  1. So impressed that you ran the stairs at the local stadium. You are hardcore Nicole! A relay sounds like so much fun. I have thought about the Ragnar, but am such a baby about the dark, that I would probably flip out when I had to run at 2:00am or some time like that. Having a frosty cold beer (for me it’s Budlight lime) before dinner is always nice, but I definitely limit how many I have each week, and some weeks none!

  2. I love the livestrong calorie counter. I’ve been using it for years (off and on) before livestrong took it over. It’s really good. I like how it breaks out the protein, sodium, fat, etc for the day too. And, ummm…you look AH-MAY-ZING. I understand wanting to drop a few lbs. and feeling better, but you truly look great. And give up beer? WHAT?? I kinda have to. You don’t. Just fit it in your calories! 😉

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