Strength Training to get Faster

With some Fall Half Marathons scheduled it is time to get focused to get my hip flexors and IT band stronger. Yes, it is my ongoing Achilles heel. The weakness that holds me back. The scale isn’t budging much to get closer to my race weight but my pace is getting a little better and I owe it to some extra classes I am taking at Prep Fitness.

Most of the time when I see the schedule for the 45 minute session I ask myself “He wants me to do what?” Then a few seconds pass after the shock and awe fades and I realize what he is asking is actually possible.  I may not be able to do every set 100% but I do see my balance and strength improving and that is reassuring.

Example of a previous workout

Example of a previous workout


Speaking of “focus” my IM Relay teammate Larisa recently wrote a post on her training outlook. Check it out here.

What I have on the Fall schedule so far:


What are you currently training for and do you have a plan in place?

Right now I am running 3x a week and taking classes at Prep 1-2 times a week. I still need to work on getting my eating right. Stretching is a must daily even if its just for 5 minutes. Since its hot out hydration is easy. H20 is a must!

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6 thoughts on “Strength Training to get Faster

  1. My next event is the Woman’s 1/2 then MS Blues 1/2 and LA Marathon 1/2 in January. I’m also working on endurance with weights as I ride out a knee injury. I hope to back on the pavement with some light running in the next few weeks.

    • Actually I am highly considering MS Blues Half. I haven’t run it before and the bling is nice! Jackson is hilly so I will have to take Stephen’s advice on adding hill training. I am teetering on La Half since its only a week apart. I may just volunteer but risk missing out if they do something nice for 5th year alumni next year. Decisions…..

      • Yes, Jackson is hilly and I’ll definitely need to work in some of those drills in that article.

        This will the first time I’m doing something back-to-back like this…we’ll see how it goes!

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