It’s a GO! Fall Half Marathon Training!

It’s August folks you know what that means!

Get your calendar in order and start planning dates for Fall training and races.

I have decided not to run a Full Marathon this season. My schedule is just way too hectic since my daughter is starting High School. She has a full load with all honors classes and band. It is just not practical for me right now.  I would rather focus on a possible PR for this fall but that means I MUST add speed/hill work.

A good friend has worked up a training schedule for me so I can stay accountable for my weekly mileage since I will be busy with after school pickups for band practice. Fortunately for me she has a track at her school that I probably will become very familiar with.

Weekly schedule from end of July through the end of November than we will review.

Weekly schedule from end of July through the end of November than we will review.

You may see that I am only targeting to run 3x a week. I “may” get a 4th one in here and there but this will be my base which is acceptable for Half Marathon Training as well as my hectic schedule. I will continue to take boot camp and/or strengthening classes once a week as well since my hip flexors need extra attention to stay healthy through the season.

My scheduled Half Marathons from September-December:

  • SEPTEMBER: 70.3 IM AUGUSTA,GA   9-28-14—Half Marathon Run—1ST Relay
  • OCTOBER:   Gulf Coast Mandeville Half Marathon  10-19-14
  • NOVEMBER: RNR LAS VEGAS Half Marathon  11-16-14
  • DECEMBER: BR BEACH Half Marathon  12-6-14     (Kathrine Switzer Guest Speaker & Runner!)

I already know I will not PR at every race. Some I will run just for fun and some I know weather will probably not cooperate. My best chances are probably the October & December races. I do have Half Marathons in mind for Jan-March but this is what I want to focus on right now.

What do you do when you start your Fall Race Planning? Do you pick your races first then make a plan for training or the opposite?

Do you plan some races for fun and some for possible PR’s?

Any tips for speed/hill work?

See ya at the track or on the roads!



3 thoughts on “It’s a GO! Fall Half Marathon Training!

  1. I always pick the races first – usually close to where I live because it’s a little easier that way. I always go for PRs and usually it’s lots of fun too 🙂

    As far as speedwork, I think half-mile repeats are the best! I wouldn’t worry too much about hills unless the courses you are racing on are actually hilly… good luck with your training! I look forward to following along!

  2. I pick the races based on how close they are to home and the time of year. Living in New Orleans, I can’t run official long runs here between May and Sep/Oct. I’d love to travel to races out of state more but cannot afford it right now.

    I don’t do hill work or speed training since I do bootcamp 3x/wk that includes sprinting and lots of leg and core work. But, we do 3-5 miles on Tues and Thurs and then our long runs Sat mornings.

    I am registered for 4 halfs this coming Fall/Winter and looking to register for more so I can “moon up” in Half Fanatics!

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