Quality over Quantity in Regards to Races

I was looking back at my race calendar the other day. When I started this journey in 2011 I ran 11 races that year. In 2012 I completed 21. In 2013 I ran 13. So far this year I have only completed 7 races so far with 4 planned by the end of the year. 

When I first started I wanted to complete as many as possible. I was eager for the new experiences. Some I did for time and some I did with friends just to enjoy and take it all in.  I tend to do more local races then destination races just because I have yet to find that illustrious money tree that I am sure we are all looking for plus the time away from my family and work is difficult to balance in.

After a while I dipped my toe into other challenges such as obstacles, trails, duathlons, paddleboarding and even a sprint triathlon. I have taken something from each experience whether it was friendships or knowing that I am capable of doing more.

Even though my numbers have dropped from when I first started it does not mean I am less eager. I am just a bit more choosy. There are not many races that I like to repeat. I like variety and I constantly keep my ear out for what is coming up next.

My goal at this point is to simply continue pushing forward. To learn more about my body and what it is capable of. I want to get stronger and faster. I still want a sub 2hr Half so I am planning on running one Half a month starting in September through Spring. In the back of my mind I would like to train for a solo 70.3 Half Ironman. This may not sound like much to some but coming from someone that is a very weak swimmer and struggles for the time to train for one sport much less than three it is quite a task.  I also enjoy blogging and encouraging others. What I put out I get back tenfold in encouragement and support. For that I am quite thankful.

 Just have to remember the Journey is the Reward, it’s not always about the numbers.

 journey scenic route


 What is on your goal list for the remainder of 2014?



5 thoughts on “Quality over Quantity in Regards to Races

  1. If you ever need anyone to pace you along for that sub 2 half, you let me know. I’ve got references for the same task last year if you need them 😉

    • Awwwwwww Thanks Amany!!! I’d be honored to run with you., seriously if you have any “breathing” tips let me know I think that’s one of my problem areas that’s holding me back.

  2. Yes, quality over quantity! I couldn’t agree more. You saw my race schedule through May 2015 and it is quite limited. I want to focus on training and doing well at each event (no injuries!). Although two are back-to-back, and those Disney events are back-to-back events, I’m training to be prepared. While the smaller events are great, I don’t have that pool of infinite financial resources so I’m more selective about the experiences I want to take part in.

    • I agree, I hated to do it but I have had to cut back on a lot of 5k’s and 10k’s. I still do them just no as many due to time I need for longer training runs and money.
      Good luck on your Fall training I am sure I will see you out there.

  3. I LOVE RACING — but I know that if I raced less and trained more, I would be faster. But like you said, it’s about the journey and racing is what makes me remember that running CAN and should be fun. I love the community and that is what helps me connect with them in a real way.

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