Stretch, Roll, Strengthen, Repeat….‪ #‎RunnerProbs‬

IT BAND I curse you! If you have issues with yours you know what I am talking about. That dull ache that not quite a pain but discomfort out the WAZOO. It hit me at mile 7 of my last Half and again on last weekends 8 mile training run. (mile 7 once again). That ache from the hip all the way to the knee. OW! My knee. That IT band on your side can really put a strain on it.

Right when I need to be working on hill training as well as speed work now I have to throw yoga poses (Pigeon Pose, One legged seated spinal twist etc) back into the mix.

Hip opener stretches, foam rolling, ice alternating with Arnica gel will be my daily regimen as well as post-runs.

Here are some posts that I found helpful that I thought I would share:

  • Video of a short set of 10 different stretches that target your thighs (quads, hamstrings, inner thighs) and calves, as well as other problem areas for runners (IT band, psoas, and more). -Click HERE
  • 3 Yoga poses to Ease Your Pain via POPSUGAR- Click HERE
  • 9 Yoga Poses Plus Tips to Keep Athletes Injury -Free-Click HERE
  • Lululemon Sea Wheeze 2014 Yoga Practice 48 min video-Click HERE

When I mentioned my IT band issues on Facebook and Twitter I got a lot of feedback from other fellow runners dealing with the same issues. They say that Yoga, Stretching and Strengthening go hand in hand for runners. You MUST take care of your body properly. Treat it well. Your recovery and maintenance is just as important as those training runs.

I gotta admit during last nights attempt at the Yoga video part of me was like

uhhhhhh - You want me to do what????

uhhhhhh – You want me to do what????

These yoga poses require proper technique. You HAVE to be patient and possibly enlist a yoga expert friend or take a class to get the most out of it. It is especially difficult when you would MUCH rather hit cardio for 45 minutes instead. (yes, ME)

So I put a water bottle in the freezer at work and at home  (awesome to roll on a couple times a day to work out the knots) and decided I will have to respect my body better if I want to do my races this fall/winter. Maintenance is key.

**Please share any additional tips, links, videos you have found under comments**




2 thoughts on “Stretch, Roll, Strengthen, Repeat….‪ #‎RunnerProbs‬

  1. i don’t know if your insurance covers, but look into seeing a chiropractor. I have seen 1 for over a year and I’m a true believer. He has kept me healthy and helped me through a pretty rough injury. I know Dr shea in BR is a great option because he knows athletes and the way they operate

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