#LifeUnfiltered the good, the bad and the ugly

There has been some posts on Social Media as of late sharing the story of Madison Holleran. A 19 year old runner who ended her life at a tender young age of 19. It really is heartbreaking to hear of someone that felt like her life was falling apart on the inside while showing only the good parts on the outside but the truth is that we all do it. We CHOOSE to share what pictures on Instagram and Facebook. We choose to share what tidbits of our life in limited characters on Twitter. You know what? That is ok. I honestly feel that you don’t HAVE to share absolutely everything and you shouldn’t. Do I really want all 494 of my Facebook friends to know where I work out and what I ate for breakfast  or if someone cut me off in traffic? I truly think Social Media has gotten to be too much. People use it as a daily rant about there day. They let it all out there. Yes, you can choose to follow or unfollow. To read or not read. Sometimes it just gets to be a bit too much. So are you being fake by not sharing everything? NO. I admit it, I have gone through quite a lot in the past year in my personal life that I don’t share on Social Media or through blogging (every post that I do share I personally question before hitting “publish” , it feels like I am ripping off a bandaid) BUT I do have close friends and family to confide in. That is the key. To have someone in your life that you can be real with. To share the ugly, the emotions, the disappointments, the real YOU. If you are struggling and most of us are in some way please know that is OK. Everyone has a story behind closed doors. Confide in someone that you trust and just know that you are not alone.

Other bloggers (real people) sharing there thoughts on the subject that I thought I would share:  Brian Kelley/Pavement Runner  &    Linzie Sharp/SharpEndurance 


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