Thoughts on the hill during a hot, muggy, summer morning……

This is how I feel at the bottom of the hill.


Tackle it, hit it hard! Knees up, chest out, shoulders back, eyes to the horizon. Lift like a balloon raising you up, Push, push, push up that hill! You got this!.. (what am I forgetting)…oh yeah “BREATHE” !

Ugh, breathing so hard that I think I am having a small coronary, gotta slow it down……

The sweat is dripping off of me everywhere..Thank you 80 degree heat & humidity at 7am….

Did I take salt? Do I need more?  (oh I had chips and salsa last night so that counts!)…..

Water, where is water?  (Oh yeah I don’t carry any! Ugh!)…….

This WILL make me stronger for fall season……or kill me……

Aaaack I am only halfway up……..ouch my glutes……

This is how I feel right now………


O, a cardinal flew by!……….. 

Made it, can barely breathe but I made it………

We have to go down now?!  Gotta go slow cause I am a klutz remember?!…….

Another hill? Possible momentary euphoria but let’s do it!



It’s summer!!! Time for BBQ’s, beach and vacations yet all I can think about is I have to get back in shape for Fall running season. I signed up for New Orleans Jazz Half Marathon that will be on Halloween this year (costumes are a guarantee for this fun race) and that will make St. Jude’s my 20th Half this December. When you get discouraged you know its time to refocus and sign up for more events to keep your motivation flowing. This year I want to #RunForAReason and these two events will help me do what I want to do which is to highlight kids in need. My daughter is healthy and happy. She had her followup yesterday with her Scoliosis doctor and she doesn’t have to get back in her brace so we are blessed. It’s unfair that children have to fight to be healthy this day in age yet we all know someone that has struggles. Be grateful for what you have and pay it forward when you can.

Man walking down road at sunset