Down but not Out

When a pain in the neck becomes more,much more. A couple weeks so ago I found myself in the emergency room and the next day discussing Spinal Fusion. Sounds scary? it was. However my doctor helped me to stay positive by reassuring me that my active lifestyle would help in my recovery and get me back on the roads in 6-8 weeks if I listened and take proper precaution. So surgery was set for my Cervical Herniated Disks that was so severe that I could not even hold my coffee cup in my left hand. I was losing strength fast with numbness and tingling that went down to my finger tips. There was no explanation for my condition just a “it happens”. For me this was quite frustrating and the medical bills will be with me for months but I was lucky since this procedure has a 95% success rate and I had found a doctor that I would be in good hands with (literally)!

It is now nearly two weeks after surgery and I have done very well. My surgeon followup is coming up on Monday and this past week I have already started to get antsy. The fall weather isn’t helping with cooler temperature that beckons me outside. I know I will lose a lot of endurance since I will not be able to run per doctor orders for at least another 6 weeks. This is difficult since my last run was over a month ago due to the pain I was having. I decided I should at least work on strengthening with stretches since I do have weak hips and started to go on 3-4 mile walks. My walks are a bit too hot with my neck brace and I cant go bare and risk UV damage to my scar so right now I am covering it with a scarf until I can get my hands on a Buff guard which offers both 95% UV protection and Coolmax technology. I have had wonderful friends and family get me through this which is helping my motivation stay high even though I have had to defer some of my planned fall races. This is a bit disappointing since it is my favorite time of year and the best time to train for Half’s but I have to look at the bigger picture which is my health. I have to heal properly. The good news is that I am still a go for St. Jude in December. Run, walk or crawl, this race is not just race for me it is so much more. It is a way for me to give back and in my own way a “Thank You” to my body for taking me on this journey the past few years. I am forever grateful.

So yes I am Down but not Out ๐Ÿ™‚

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