It’s not you it’s me. My temporary breakup with running.

My last race was on my birthday, October 16th almost two months ago. I haven’t been able to pull the trigger to register for another one since then. This is normally the high season with races booked for the next 4-5 months out. Today was the Inaugural Mississippi Gulf Coast Half/Full Marathon in Biloxi and it was the perfect morning. About 36 degrees off the coast for a gorgeous sunrise, warmed up quickly for the perfect race morning for many runners. A race that I had my eye on but where was I? at home. Granted my daughter and I had the best evening last night and I would have missed out on it had I went to the race. That’s just the thing though. My daughter is about to be 17 and is a Junior. She will be off to college in about a year and half. She borrows my car often to go to work and is loving her first job. I seek opportunities to talk about life lessons where I can because I feel like our window is narrowing. This week she got in a Texas A&M jacket. I really have no idea where she will end up. This week she will find out if her application for National Honors Merit was accepted. My job is almost complete. She is almost an adult and can spread her wings. No tears on my part as of yet but I just feel like I need to stay close to home. So yes, this part of my life of races and training is temporarily on hold. Don’t get me wrong I am still working out and running but my miles are limited to 3-5 at a time on the treadmill at a nearby gym in between a couple spin classes and weight classes a week to try to stay fit. Since my miles are maybe a total of 10 a week I don’t feel like I am in Half Marathon shape so even the races for fun that are coming up after the holidays I am hesitant to sign up for. I admit I miss it. I have a twinge of guilt. I miss seeing friends that I probably will only see at races. I miss the start line feeling, I miss adding more bling to my collection, I miss the adrenaline rush where your thoughts become crystal clear if not just for a moment. I know the roads and races will be there for when I am ready or when the opportunity arises. Until then my music playlist will be charged and my ASICS ready.

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