Race for the Cure

The Susan G. Komen 19th Annual Baton Rouge Race for the Cure and Inaugural 10K was held this past Saturday at the LSU campus and the energy of people was exciting to see. My daughter was planning to volunteer and participate in this event as part of #TeamDeb and I could not be prouder. I almost sat out on this event but my sister in law messaged me the day before to tell me she had a 5k available bib if I wanted it. I remembered being a part of this event a couple of years ago and the overall rewarding feeling to see so many people coming together for Breast Cancer so I jumped at the chance. The morning of Race for the Cure was cool and sunny which would be perfect to spend outside. Once we got to the event I could see there was thousands of people in attendance. The majority of the attendees were either survivors or running for someone directly affected by breast cancer.

Did you know?

  • One in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
  • Every minute, somewhere in the world, someone dies from breast cancer.
  • Breast cancer knows no boundaries- be it age, gender, socio-economic status or geographic location.
  • At the current rate, 13 million breast cancer deaths around the world will occur in the next 25 years.
  • In 1980, the 5-year relative survival rate for women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer (cancer confined to the breast) was about 74 percent. Today, that number is 99 percent.

cure 030715

This year they had the runners/walkers go off in waves with the timed runners going first which helped with the congestion on the course. As I ran the 5k I read various custom made t-shirts and signs along the route that intensified the cause for many as to why they were there to show their support. After I crossed the finish I saw various tents setup such as the “Ford Warrior Scarves” for donations  (I got mine) and one that you could take your picture with props and state your “Curemittment”.

I of course had to participate:

My Curemitment   "Stay Active, Aware & Encourage Others"

My Curemitment : “Stay Active, Aware & Encourage Others”

The stage was jamming with a high energy band that had the crowd dancing. There was a special area for the Survivors to get free food, drinks, tote bags and more. Between the Survivor parade and various tents dedicated to the Breast Cancer Survivors they got the extra treatment they very much deserved. One particular lady that I felt honored to meet was Pamela Bordelon. She had the most infection smile and warmth of someone that I have met in a very long time. She truly touched me. This event was extra special for her and her family who put together the team “Green Eggs and Pam” as she just had her last chemo treatment that week. Plus Pam did the 5k that day. HOW AMAZING!

Congrats Pam!

Congrats Pam!

I texted my daughter to see where she was and found out she was just about to go on the stage for the t-shirt contest so I made a beeline to not miss it. #ProudMomOnAMission I made it in time to see her and found out later they WON! She came home from the event later in the day singing so I knew she had a great time. She told me she was very happy to be a part of it.

Alaina on the far right and the card she got from her friends mom Deb for participating.

Alaina on the right and the card she got from her friends mom Deb for participating.

The goal for this event was $185,000.00 and as of the last update they raised $168,728.88!

Thank you to all the sponsors and participants for making this one amazing event annually and for supporting this cause that affects nearly everyone on some level. For more information please follow them on Facebook or visit the Website

Tips for getting your kids to the Finish Line

This past weekend was a unique race experience for me. After I was done volunteering I got to join my 8 year old niece and 6 year old nephew for the Girls on the Run 5k. As soon as we knew it the kids said “It’s starting, we have to go!” We lined up in the back since my sister in law said they would probably be walking most of it. Not a half a mile into it I started hearing the excuses from my niece:

“I have to pee”
“My side hurts”
“My feet hurt”
“Can I just sit?”
“How much further?”

Her younger brother was like Superman. You could have just put a cape on him and he would have been gone. He was enjoying himself and taking in the sights along the way. When we got close to the Finish line you couldn’t keep either child from make that quick sprint to claim their medal they earned for their 3.1 mile journey. My niece wouldn’t let the volunteer put the medal on her though she saved that honor for me her Aunt Nicole which made my day. I thought I would share some tips on how to make race day a bit easier on the kids so they can claim their own Finish Line experience.

• Research the pre & post-race day activities and food options that your kids would like ahead of time.
• Choose light breakfast options for your kids to not weight them down but provide enough energy to carry them through.
• Lay everything out the night before so you’re not scrambling to get out of the house.
• Try not to over dress your kids. Check the race temps and dress for 10 degrees warmer. You will warm up within the first mile of starting your activity.
• Check your kid’s shoes before race morning to make sure there is enough wiggle room and the soles look good. Check their shoe laces before the race starts.
• Take them to the restroom 15-20 minutes before the race start.
• Allow them to drink at the water stops but not chug! A few sips will suffice.
• Watch your kids breathing. Quick, shallow breathing will bring on side stiches. Slow your pace. The faster the pace, the shorter the sequence (fast pace = one or two strides per breath, slower = three or four strides per breath).
• Encourage them to keep moving when they want to slow down or stop. Tell your kids you are proud of them and focus on the shorter targets rather than the finish line. Let’s get to that stop sign or next water station.
• If your child has any medical or physical impairments write it on the back of their race bib along with their full name, allergies as well as your name and phone number in case you get separated.
• Don’t forget sunscreen and enjoy this experience with your kids. It may be something they pass on to their own kids one day. 🙂


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Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon Recap

A week out the weather forecast was all over the place for this race. It went from 80% to 40% rain chance. What would the weather bring for race morning bring on Saturday? This event is put on by the Running Chicken Track Club and would be its 20th year. The race expo was held at the Marriott on Friday. Since I got there early not all of the booths were setup but I did get a sneak peek of the race medals as promised by the race director Craig Watson.

The Finisher Medal for the Full was the same but had a blue ribbon instead of red and the word 'Half' omitted out of course

The finisher medal for the Full was the same but had a blue ribbon instead of red and the word ‘Half’ omitted out course. The medal was smaller than expected even by Craig but I like the funky chicken.

The Swag Bag from packet pickup was full of goodies and also included a nice bag for bag check in the morning. The race shirt is shown on the left. A white, dry fit race shirt which again featured the club chicken which was different this year from year’s past but I liked it.
brb swag
Another check on the weather Friday evening and it looked like the rain would be only at a 10% chance for the 7am start however it would be chilly. The ‘feels like’ temp would be 29 degrees due to the 16 mph winds. This would be my coldest race yet and especially hard since it was 80 degrees two days ago! We have a common saying down here in the South. “If you don’t like the weather wait 15 minutes!!” I don’t mind cold weather but it helps to be able to adapt to it. I felt blessed though because I heard the St. Jude’s and Dallas Marathons both were cancelled for the next day due to the accompanying ice/sleet and even lower temperatures. The race director for our local races Baton Rouge Beach and the Woman’s Half Marathon decided to grant free entries to those that were not going to be able to run these races. For some it was to be their first Half or Full Marathon. My heart went out to those that put months and expense into these race plans. I personally had several friends that went to St Jude’s but every single one of them said “it was for the kids” and handled the disappointment with the utmost grace. My race evening prep was done but I was still a bit unsure what I would be wearing until I got to the race. Hat or no hat? second layer needed? disposable sweatshirt? sunglasses? Basically everything went into the car. Since this was a local race that was easy and parking for the race was available by shuttle or you could park a block away which is what I elected so my car could be close by. The next morning I met up with several friends from previous races and the race started at 7am sharp as promised. It was a chilly and windy but by mile 2 I was already peeling off layers. There was plenty of water/powerade stops throughout the course for the apprx 590 runners. Yes, this is a small race but since I have ran this route for training several times I decided at least once I should earn a medal for it! Surprisingly there were people that came in from Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota and more for this race. The first Half of the race I felt pretty strong and once again I realized I started out too fast and struggled. I was warned by my dear friend and coach Stephen to make the second Half more challenging mentally than the first that it would help in Full training. For this race I was hoping to finish slightly under 2:06 even though my past several Halfs have been 2:10-2:12. Around Mile 9 I looked at my time and realized I was way off so I just decided to push harder and finish as strong as I could despite the winds picking up. The course would be wrapping up soon as we came back towards LSU Lakes. I told myself there was no surprises coming up just try to push faster and get to that Finish line which I did at 2:10. I have no regrets with the race I ran. I completed it the best I could.(I always expect more from myself which I am sure everyone does.) I enjoyed it and quickly spotted Ken, Stephen, Jennifer and even Francine who came out to support despite the cold.
Such a great group to be a part of. Thanks Ken, Stephen, Jennifer and Erica!!!

Such a great group to be a part of. Thanks Ken, Stephen, Jennifer and Erica!!!

Our friend Fred is not in the picture because he had pushed through and was going for the Full. This would be his 31st Full. This race is special to him being that it was his 1st Full back in 2008. Five years later he is still going strong. Amazing!!! We all wanted to hang out longer and wait for Fred but it was extremely cold and as all runners know wet skin due to sweat is not the most comfortable thing when its cold. Standing there shivering we said our goodbyes. I once again did not partake in the post race food which there was an abundance to choose from such as donuts,catfish,gumbo,jambalaya and of course alligator sauce piquant! I never have much of an appetite after a race and since it was so cold I desperately wanted hot coffee which there was none so that was the end of the race festivities for me.

Even though I didn’t meet my race time goal I would not say this was a bad race. It was however a challenging race. Every race is unique whether its the weather conditions, roads, people etc. You learn to enjoy the experience and learn something new at each one which makes each special. Today I learned to ‘dig deep’.

This race was important to me as it was part of my path to my 10th Half which will be on 1-19-14. The Louisiana Half. I am glad I included Baton Rouge Beach as #9. The roads this race covered has been a bulk of my training during the past two years since I started running so it seemed only right.

I did get a small scoop from Craig for next year’s race. Since it will be the “21st” year the theme ‘may’ be: “21, now were Legal!” He’s toying around with a lawyer chicken maybe tie and glasses? You will have to check it out next December to see what they decide on.

Race results for Baton Rouge Beach Half/Full can be found at: http://www.brbeachmarathon.com/

Question: What did you learn recently from a race?