From one mom to another..

I have been reflecting on my thoughts about parenting as of late as my daughter gets closer to the age 18 mark later this year and about to start senior year of high school.

From one mom to another you are going to make mistakes. Know it now and move on. Do not dwell on your assumed failures (which are really not, as long as you are trying you are ahead of the game)

Children do not come with instruction manuals on a USB drive in the delivery room (that would be so helpful)  and every one of them are different.

Face it now that you are going to barely survive their teenage years unscathed.  You will get a gray hair or two and possibly a worry line or ten.

Yes, you may need a counseling session or two. You may find yourself reading self- help books on “How To Raise Your Teenager” as well as following Circle of Mom blogs for advice such as curfews. You may question yourself as to “Am I becoming an alcoholic?”, after needing to unwind after this week’s crisis. (and no your not, Have one drink, breathe and move on to the next crisis) Reminder: Mood swings and hormones take on many forms and many neither of you may recognize until you are in the thick of it.

Teenagers are the porcupine with the sharp quills that you must be careful of. You must respect the quills, they have up to 30,000 and you never know when you may say the wrong thing for them to unleash. (Yes, I got that from a counseling session and it was the best advice EVER, Sometimes I see her as the porcupine when we are arguing and I scale it back)Porcupine

I have only one biological child which has made it even more pressure on myself to not screw her up. If you have two or three at least you have a good chance of at least one of them being sane and practical. My eggs were literally all in one basket.

Will she be smart, practical or rebellious? Will she like sports, music or art? Will she like my dance moves and my laugh or just make fun of me?  You have no say in the matter whatsoever and can change daily.

Will I ever know the “right” thing to say when she is sad or angry to make her feel better? The words always seem to escape me in the crucial moment as hard as I try. Did I miss that gene? Sometimes nothing needs to be said, Just Listen. (Can I rewind 2 years please?)

You are going to fight occasionally. You may drift apart but they will return to you as long as you have laid that foundation that you will always be there for them.

Keep that connection going, it can be something as small as driving them to the dentist or sharing a meal and asking “What’s new?”  Make them feel important and that you care about what is going on with them in their lives.

Sometimes the mother/child similarities sneak up on you. How a sappy commercial or life story comes on TV and you both get chills or come close to tears.  (cue Grandma Tala’s spirit as a stingray in the Disney movie Moana). How you see her mommy skills come out when she sees an adorable child and feel relieved that she will be a great mother one day. (Your heart swells with pride and you can say I had a role in that) Yes you did, Savor those moments.


Part of your role as a parent is letting go. Letting them make their own mistakes. That right there is probably the hardest. They really do have so much more on their plates these days with society and social media. It truly is NOT like how we had it and sometimes it is hard to relate. It is hard for them too.

As my daughter grows up I hope I have done my job in teaching her humility, endearment and to be self-reliant.

Will she be an adult at 18?  (I had to look that up on Circle of Moms) Nope, the role of independence and responsibility is one that takes years to master. I am sure she will be testing her boundaries as well as my buttons but she knows I will always be there.

She has my heart. Always will..


To one mom to another…. Just Breathe…


Pain in the neck- Take Two

yep, we are here again. If you recall almost two years ago I had Anterior Cervical Disk Fusion for a ruptured disk in the neck in C5-6 and C6-7. I had made great progress until recently. In March it was discovered the disk above and below the fusion are now herniated. My doctor has told me no running/jumping etc. I need to stay on low impact activities/workouts. I won’t bore you with the medical details but the main concern is C4-5 and C7-T1. My physical therapist and surgeon told me I need to avoid a multilevel fusion at all costs. My real wake-up call was this week when my PT introduced me to someone that has had a multilevel fusion and he told me she is miserable. People have asked me how I am feeling. I am ok. I had cut way back from the running events anyway due to life in general. Last year I had only participated in six events and this year I have only done four. Run Disney recently opened up Princess Half registration for next February and it was a little disappointing because I was hoping to register but you know what it is OK. I will miss the “energy” of the race events but to not have the “option” of going for a run to maintain my weight and fitness level is the most frustrating thing.

I have been fortunate to do 82 events since January 2011. If I never get to run a race again I am grateful. (1-Full Marathon, 21- Half Marathons, 5-10 milers, 1-15k, 10-10k’s, 1-8k, 33-5k’s, 1-mudrace, 4- Trail races, 1-Sprint Triathlon, 1-Sprint Duathlon, 1-70.3 Relay and 2-Paddleboard races. Experiences, Memories & Friendships made= Priceless!


New Orleans Saints 5k, NYC Mini Oakley 10k, RnR Vegas Half, Jazz Half, Battleship 12k, Girls on the Run 5k, St Jude Memphis Half,  RnR NOLA Full Marathon, Ironman 70.3 Relay in Augusta, GA  just a few of many   🙂

This past weekend I went and spectated at the annual Happy’s 5k race and had a ball. I have a lot of fun, supportive friends.


Now I just want to retain my fitness and avoid a multilevel fusion. Proper recovery, workouts, listening to my surgeon & physical therapist as well as good ergonomics at work will be key for me. (I have a “stand up” desk on order) I still have more places on my vacation list I want to see and experience. I am not going to let this slow me down too much. Heck, last month I went waterfall repelling in Costa Rica!


Pura Vida!

Stay focused and stay healthy my friends.

Meet your latest Blogger On The Run- August- Women’s Running Magazine!!!

It’s out , It’s out!  Have you seen it yet?

August 2014

August 2014

Flip to page 18 and you will see yours truly!!!

August page 18

I can’t tell you how excited I am! Little old me. I still at times have lots to learn about running and blogging. I still lean on others for support so this is truly an honor 🙂

I get to add this logo to my blog with a link to my “full”  feature which will be posted on the Women’s Running  website in September. So be on the lookout for it. There may be a special treat in it for you!

Blogger On The Run

I am especially excited and grateful since those before me are AMAZING such as:

Women’s Running Magazine started this monthly ‘Blogger On The Run’ feature in their magazine in April 2012 so it is definitely something I had hoped for in the past year or so but never imagined possible. I love these women and happy to be among them.    #BeyondThankful

Sharing the bloglove

What’s a Liebster?
So my dear frunner friend Jen at nominated me for a Liebster. I had heard the term before and did some searching and basically its a way to share some blog love and learn more about fellow blogger friends.
No harm no foul, I’m in!

    Here are the 10 questions she asked:

What is your blog about?
Basically its my point of view for race recaps, motivating others to get started with their health and fitness journey and what I have personally learned along the way.
When did you start your running/fitness journey and why? I started in 2011 to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon in New Orleans as a new challenge and way to help maintain my weight. I have been hooked since.
What’s been your favorite race so far? I would have to say Disney Princess Half Marathon 2013. Disney is just pure magic with every step.
What is the fitness gear you can’t live without right now? That’s easy, My ASICS GT -2000v2 running shoes. They recently carried me to my first Full Marathon in February.
What advice would you have for someone just starting out on their fitness journey? Take it one mile at a time and Enjoy the Journey.
What do you eat before a long run/race or hard workout? One slice of wheat bread with honey plus water has been my go to for Half Marathons and long training runs.
How do you find time to exercise in your busy life schedule? I get to work early so I can get off at a decent time to hit the gym or go for a run around 5:30pm so I can try to be done by 7pm in the evenings. Communication with hubby and my daughter is key.
Where do you find motivation to keep going? I love motivational pictures and mantras like this one:
I run..
What do you do to splurge or indulge? Updating my playlist or getting new running gear is a way for me to splurge and keep me motivated at the same time.
Name a random thing about you that most people don’t know. I hate eggs. Even the smell of them makes me want to vomit. (you asked for random)

    The next part of Liebster is to ask 10 questions of your own and nominate 10 bloggers to spread the blog love

So here are my 10 questions:
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. How do YOU stay motivated?
3. What are your fitness related goals in the next 12 months and how will you get there?
4. What are your favorite songs on your playlist right now?
5. Have you taken a racecation? Which one has been your favorite?
6. Favorite mantra to keep you going?
7. How do you balance work-fitness-fun?
8. Have you ever had to deal with an unsupportive friend, spouse or family member and how did you deal with it?
9. Biggest racing mistake you have made on race day:
10. Name a random thing about you that most people don’t know.

and my 10 nominated bloggers are:
1. Jenereesa & Victoria
2. Gail & Kimberly
3. Anne
4. Kimberly
5. Megan
6. Meranda
7. Harmony
8. Jindy
9. Angela
10. Ernise

Have you ever been nominated for a blog award? Which one and what was your most original question asked?